portal graphics

iamaratfan  asked:

Portal was actually really fun, but unfortunately it becomes rather frustrating when my ability to play it is limited by my dexterity with the xbox controllers XD

I’D IMAGINE yeah Portal requires a bit of coordination and reflexes with xbox controllers (then there’s advanced test chamber 15 which is……a lot more dexterity needed) 

I’d say Portal 2 does better with puzzles that requires less dexterity and maneuvering, and more with having to figure out the puzzles so you might enjoy Portal 2 more. Which you should play. After Portal. 


“I’ve always meant to ask, Varric, when we met in the Merchant Guild, you seemed to be waiting for me.”
“That’s a statement, Hawke. What’s your question?”
“Were you waiting for me?”
“Actually, I meant to catch you before you saw Bartrand.”
“But you knew I’d be there.”
“Maybe I wasn’t obvious about this already, but finding out things I’m not supposed to know is pretty much what I do.”