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Gates of Glory, Part 9

Loki x Reader (I’d love to get your Feedback, anonymously or not, to know what I can improve in the future!)

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“Heimdall”, Y/N spoke when entering the gatekeeper’s work space.

His eyes rested on Y/N quietly as he watched her entering.

“I know trusting me is a tough call at the moment”, Y/N began, “But you have to work with me.”

“I cannot open the Bifrost as it is destroyed”, Heimdall replied, “All I can do for you is offer you my eyes.”

“I do not need the Bifrost”, Y/N replied, “You know that.”

“Loki’s secret gates”, he spoke, “You use them, too.”

“I am aware that makes me seem unreliable”, Y/N nodded and looked at the gatekeeper, “But this is beyond you and me. I know you have heard about the Infinity Stones, and I know you… know a lot about their true power.”

“They created everything”, Heimdall spoke, “And can end it, too.”

“I do not intend to let that happen”, Y/N replied dryly, “But I have to confess another sin.”

Heimdall’s eyes rested on the woman in front of him.

“I knew all about Loki’s plans”, Y/N said calmly, “The Frost Giants on Thor’s big day, his banishment that should have resulted in his death, the takeover of the throne: Heimdall, I knew it all.”

Heimdall’s face remained unchanged: “And yet, you did not intervene.”

Y/N laughed darkly: “Of all people, you should know why!” She pulled out her sword: “It serves the king, whoever it may be. And at the moment I knew all of this, the King of Asgard was Loki. Unveiling his plans to Asgard: Would that not have been treason, too?”

“And now, what is your plan, Lady Y/N?”, the gatekeeper asked cautiously.

“Do not worry”, Y/N replied, “I do not intend to take Asgard down. I would not have returned if that was my play. I want you to show me the moment you started seeing Loki again.”

“When he came to Midgard”, Heimdall added to her sentence.

“Exactly”, Y/N confirmed, “I’ll take it from there.”

“I cannot promise you that what you will see is what you want to believe”, Heimdall replied calmly.

“Heimdall”, Y/N spoke quietly, “You know what I have done in the time I have been away. Do you believe my mind is clouded by emotions? I want to get my job done. To protect Asgard and its citizens. That includes the man you learnt to hate.”

Heimdall remained silent and used his sword to summon an illusion of what he saw on the day Loki returned to his vision.

She saw men in uniforms, suits and other, very unfamiliar clothes. S.H.I.E.L.D.
They stood around a glowing circle of metal, its core was shining in a bright blue colour. Like the Tesseract.
“They used it as an energy source”, Heimdall explained, “They tried, anyways.”
“Do they know what they start with their actions?”, Y/N asked confused.
“How should they? All they know about the Tesseract is that it holds vast amounts of energy and power”, Heimdall replied, “Two things Midgardians crave.”
Then, there was a boult of lightning, a bright blue light that released a wave of enormous pressure. It opened a portal. Y/N saw a figure at the foot of the portal, dressed in black and green. No doubt, that was Loki.
Y/N carefully watched him, his eyes and face.
His face was sweaty and his hair looked longer and messier than she remembered. All in all, he looked unwell. But what caught her attention the most were his eyes. They were not green anymore.

They were blue. Like the Tesseract.

“Sir, please put down the spear!”, one of the Midgardians yelled. Loki looked at his sceptre as if he was surprised that he really held it. Then, he used it to shoot a beam of sheer energy at the Midgardians in front of him, who opened fire with their rather… odd looking and awfully loud weapons. What came after was a fight scene not longer than twenty seconds. Never before had Y/N seen Loki fight like this. He fought in a different style, no dagger, no illusions. Pure force. Everything in front of him was destroyed. One of the men still standing tried to attack him with his bare hands, which was absolutely useless.
“You have heart”, Loki spoke with a hissing tone as he put the sceptre on the man’s chest. His eyes turned black, then bright blue. Afterwards, the now-puppet put his Midgardian weapon away.
“Mind control”, Y/N commented dryly.
The man that tried to talk to Loki took the Tesseract and tried to take it away whilst Loki took over other men.
“Please don’t”, Loki said calmly and added, “I still need that.”
“This doesn’t have to get any messier”, the Midgardian replied, Y/N found him to be unusually calm for seeing a portal open, an Asgardian enter their realm and seeing his friends die.
“Of course it does”, Loki answered, “I’ve come too far for anything else.”
The Midgardian turned to Loki who spoke: “I am Loki of Asgard. And I am burdened with glorious purpose.”
“Loki… brother of Thor!”, another Midgardian said who stood up from the ground.
“We have no quarrel with your people”, the other Midgardian, the one with an eyepatch, said.
“An ant has no quarrel with a boot”, Loki replied sarcastically. Y/N frowned. Though she was certain that Loki was not in full control, or at least, wasn’t following his own orders, it seemed like he was still more than a vessel. Such humour was clearly Loki.
“You plannin’ to step on us?”, the eyepatch asked sceptically.
“I come with glad tidings”, Loki said and walked some steps to the left in the direction of the man that seemed to know Thor, “Of a world made free.”
“Free from what?”, the eyepatch asked darkly.
“Freedom”, Loki answered, “Freedom is life’s greatest lie. Once you accept that in your heart-” He turned around to the man next to him and put the sceptre to his chest to take him over and added: “You will know peace.”
“Yeah, you say peace. I kinda think you mean the other thing”, the eyepatch commented dryly.
“Sir, Director Fury is stalling. This place is about to blow”, the man he took over first said and walked towards Loki, “Drop a hundred feet of rock on us. He means to bury us.”
“Like the pharaohs of old”, the eyepatch, Director Fury, replied.
“He’s right, the portal collapses in on itself”, the older man added, “Two minutes before this goes critical.”
“Well then”, Loki said and right after, the first victim shot at Director Fury before Loki’s new-found henchmen escorted him with the Tesseract to the vehicles they were to use to escape. There was just one thing that caught Y/N’s eyes after everything she had just seen.

Loki stumbled.

“Heimdall”, Y/N began, “In all the time I have known him, he never stumbled without someone wanting him to. unless he was injured.”
“Times have changed, Lady Y/N”, Heimdall replied slowly and broke off the illusion.

“Heimall, please”, Y/N’s voice was unusually thin, “what do you know about the Tesseract?”

“It is one of the seven infinity stones, milady”, Heimdall answered and his glowing eyes stared into the distance, “And it appears someone is after them.”

“That much I concluded myself”, Y/N muttered, “I have to know more. The more I know, the less likely it is his schemes will succeed.”

“Would you dare to end him if needed?”, Heimdall questioned calmly.

“If I see that whoever or whatever controls him will not let go of him, I believe it is my duty to end it”, Y/N looked at the sword in her hand, “Myself.”

Heimdall stared directly into Y/N’s eyes without saying a single word. Then, he turned around to face the endless space that was surrounding Asgard again.

“The Tesseract was brought to Midgard a long time ago. For centuries, it remained securely guarded in the northern lands of Midgard. Not too long ago, there were two devastating wars fought between the nations of Midgard. During the second one, the offender, the people they called Nazis, found the Tesseract and tried to use it to take over the world. The Nazis’ Science Division was called HYDRA. Their leader was… believed in the potential of the Tesseract. They would have succeeded if it had not been for a man from a city across the Midgardian Ocean, his name is Steven Rogers.”

“Has it been recent enough for this man to be alive?”, Y/N questioned sceptically.

“Rogers took down the man who had the Tesseract, but he paid a high price. He was frozen in ice for 70 years. Not too long ago, he was discovered and brought back to the world”, Heimdall continued, “The organisation that he works now is called S.H.I.E.L.D. Its origins lay in the events connected to the Tesseract. S.H.I.E.L.D. tried to weaponize the Tesseract. However, by using its powers, others became aware of the Tesseract’s location.”

“Who are these others?”, Y/N asked tensely.

“I cannot see them”, Heimdall replied calmly, “Only one of them I was able to see for very few moments. He is not from the nine realms. I can only assume that he is the leader of them. He calls himself Thanos.”

“Thanos”, Y/N repeated, “And how do you know he has allies?”

“Loki”, Heimdall answered.

“He’s his ally? Well, I believe-”

“No, that is not what I meant, Lady Y/N”, Heimdall interrupted calmly, “Loki claims to have an army. I cannot see it, either, but I know he is honest. He calls them the Chitauri.”

Y/N pressed her lips together: “Can you tell me anything more? How strong are they?”

“We can only hope they will never have them all of the stones, Lady Y/N. They are the pillars of everything and the one to have them all can reign over it all as he pleases. Loki might believe he is a match for them, or that he can outplay them, but this time, his affiliation might cost him his head”, Heimdall spoke.

“Until now”, Y/N replied and turned around, “I have always found a way to outrun destiny.”

“Thor will bring him back to face Asgardian justice. This is not your fight, Lady Y/N ”, Heimdall said quietly.

“Is it not? If the fate of the nine realms is at stake, I do believe it is”, Y/N replied darkly, “And, Heimdall, I have given my word to Frigga to keep an eye on Loki.”

“I cannot open the Bifrost”, Heimdall stated and added, “It will take time, time we do not have, to rebuild it.”

“I do not need the Bifrost”, Y/N replied and grinned, “How do you think I have been travelling? Tell Frigga that I will not be gone for long. If these Chitauri were to come, I would like to see them to know what we are up against.”

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Glitter floated out the portal, her rainbow-colored dress flowing with her movement. "We're here! This is the Blank!" Pax then stepped out the portal, looking around. "This place is... Well, Blank." Glitter rolls her eyes, patting his shoulder. "It's called the Blank for a reason, numb-skull." (Hey howzitgoing XD)

The landscape around them slowly fade into a grassy field…

Hey! Glitter, over here!’ Mina said exitedly. This was the first time she let anybody to the blank other than Tone in a long time…

Do you like it? I had to ask the blank very nicely to make it look like this for everyone~’

(Sorry if the background looks bad! - Kay)

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absolutely!! :O

and then they lived happily ever after. or as happily ever after as aperture can get, anyway.

Okay, but what if the symbols on Bill’s Wheel is supposed to represent pieces of what a fictional world needs or what he’d want in it?

I may be going crazy beating my head against this brick wall for so long and that I’m bleeding out my brains, but stay with me.

Think about the symbols for a moment. Each one also has a second meaning than just “Shooting Star” or “Question Mark”. I’ll save you the ramble and just give you the list of what I feel like these could also mean.

Fish - Secret society?
Pinetree - Nature
Seeing Star - Religion
6 fingers - Cryptics
Llama - Creatures
Shooting Star - Wishful Thinking
Stitched Heart - Romance
Glasses - Seeing is Believing
Question mark - Mystery
Ice Bag - Chills/Horrors?

Only Stan and Wendy’s symbols throw me off. I’m happy to hash this out with anyone in free debate if they care to give me a different suggestion.

Now hang around a bit longer. ….Actually, no, go pull up some popcorn or feel free to scroll down tot he conclusion. This is gonna take a while.

Think about what the town Gravity Falls is itself.

It’s possibly the only known location of mythical creatures that the world has never seen before.

Think back to how badly both Dipper and Mabel, a couple of simple kids who were new to the area, and government agents who “have been chasing the paranormals for years” had reacted to the supernatural once it reared its magically disformed head at them. Everyone does once they actually get a look at it.

And then think about the location of everything. It’s in a valley that’s literally surrounded like a large bowl by large mountains and cliffs that look a lot like UFOs. The cliff-side is especially weird as that Stanley had even taken the time to point them out in his Journal.

Even more so, it seems to have parts of town that are MORE PULLED ON BY THE GRAVITATIONAL FORCE THAN OTHERS?

It’s a weird town, hands down.

Now think about what Bill is exactly. Yes, he’s a demon. But Bill is only a DREAM demon. He only exists in the mindscape. He practically doesn’t exist at all, as he has stated to Dipper before suddenly laughing at him hysterically in Sock Opera.

In the dreamscape, especially the episode Dreamscapers, Bill is actually very powerful. But while he was inhabiting Dipper’s body, his biggest downfall is what all humans face, physical limitations. He was worn out and was sent FLYING out of Dipper’s body (for some absurd reason?)

Now according to most people, we think that Bill is just out to rule the world. What with the tapestry in Northwest Mansion Noir and something of “prophecy”.

But in the physical world, Bill has limits. He can’t fly, he can’t conjure fire like we’ve imagined in so many cool Bipper fan-gifs. Why would Bill want to a rule world that’s beneath him when he’s the master of the mindscape?

I go back to how the town is set up. Why is this the only place with mythical creatures and supernatural? What if Bill was actually only confined to this ONE area? Or otherwise, wouldn’t he have been haunting like.. The president of USA and starting WW3?

I think Gravity Falls is actually the only real gateway between the mindscape and the physical world. I don’t think Bill’s just out to rule the world. I think he’s trying to pull the puppet strings just right so things will line up in his favor that he can MERGE THE WORLDS.

What if he can open up the gateway and become unleashed into the physical world in all his imaginative crazy and horror? Think about nightmares you may have had over the years. Any of them where you were killed? WHAT IF THEY CAN BECOME A PHYSICAL REALITY BECAUSE OF HIM?

Imagine if this has happened before. (Though it couldn’t have been too long cause of the Glasses I think?) Thus reason for a PROPHECY. Why he has the Wheel.

And what if he had influenced Stanley to create the portal and scared Stanford with the Wheel in their dreams so he could drive a wedge between them? While Stanley thinks he can create unimaginable knowledge through a combined effort of Science and Fantasy, Stanford is afraid that there’s something much darker, much scarier going on with this triangle guy. Note the exclamation points pointing at the GLASSES.

And the notes: “Has appeared in my dreams for WEEKS” and “CAN’T BE REAL”.

Think about how scared siblings can get about the other one getting hurt. If Bill put Stanford on edge, it would be really nerve-wracking to see this every night for WEEKS. Stanley’s had those glasses for like, ever. While Stanford has jumped between needing/having them and not.

If the symbols are pushed apart from each other, it’d be easier for Bill to bend them to his will. Rather than if they pull together and attack him as a group.

Now what about that portal? There’s another piece of this story. I don’t really think it was going to lead Stanley to any infinite new world. Or if it did, he really was just stuck in the Dreamscape all this time. Look at Stanley carefully.

He’s got this trench-coat that’s like, specially custom made for his Journals. He’s already got a freaking feather quill in it and just perfectly slips Journal 1 into a custom pocket on the inside. It’s possible that he’s had it back in the 80’s and always wore the trench-coat when the Mystery Trio went out on a monster hunt.

He’s also carrying a bazooka. I understand how this makes people think he’s been in an alien dimension all this time, but no one of the Mystery Trio would’ve known what waited for them on the other side of this portal. Stanley dresses himself up to prepare for any natural elemental danger to be thrown at him. He’s got a coat, boots, pants, scarf. He’s even got heavy-duty goggles that prevent him from being blinded. He’s got himself covered for anything that fate could’ve thrown at him, except for nothing. All he’s missing are some gloves but it must be hard to come across a pair that would protect and fit him. Now, the clothes are torn, and that could be just cause of whatever debris was flying around while the portal was activating. Similar to how Stanford lost his mug and got his hand hurt.

Also look at his face. You see his hair’s overgrown some, but it seems like it’s still mostly brown. As opposed to Fiddleford or Stanford who have both gotten white or gray hair over the years, he’s only gotten by age with a strip of white around his head.

He’s also got stubble that looks like he hasn’t had the chance to shave in for some while. If he was capable of living in another world, he would’ve either grown a full beard or kept it clean shaven like he did when he poked his head out to look at the snow.

See? And his eyes have heavy lines around them. Stanley looks like he just woke up.

So what if he’s just been floating there, lost in suspended animation? Which according to wikipedia is defined as “the slowing or stopping of life processes…” So he aged over the course of 30 years, just not by much.


Bill wanted to get his hands on the Journals to keep from others knowing about what the Wheel was about. (I’m surprised Dipper, Mabel, nor Soos ever asked about his little nicknames for them.) He also wanted to keep Stanford from getting Stanley back because all that pushing and fighting he made the twins generate 30 years ago couldn’t keep Ford from still looking out for his brother. Jokes on him, Stanford had copied everything in Journal 3 first.

Now we’re waiting to see what exactly Bill will wanna do since Stanley’s back in the business. In fact..the more you think about it, the more on edge Bill must be about the Stan twins in general, considering whatever flash-backing he was doing in Gideon Rises.

Interesting last pic. We all know it connects to Stanford’s tattoo and Stanley’s desk in the lab.

But heaven help me if I should find anything that this is supposed to represent within our understanding and grasp like any other code or cipher Hirsch has thrown our way! The best that I can assume is that something had happened 30 years ago to seal Bill away into…something. I can’t really say another dimension? I don’t know.. But I mean, Gideon had to go through this whole ritual to summon Bill. I think that if Bill was floating around Gravity Falls prior to that, he would’ve been toturing Dipper and Mabel much earlier into the series. Also the quote in Dreamscapers…

“Good to be back”? Sounds like he’s more or less missed messing with the place. Connecting the symbol to a means of banishing Bill and Stanford baring the mark, it could’ve been like a weird witch-crafting ritual to go through where Bill was trapped via that mark, and the only one who could get a hand in on the situation and make sure Bill was being pushed into his prison was one who was more or less a sacrifice or puppet. (Whatever sorta term you wanna use for this? I don’t know witch-craft. I haven’t really ever had time to study it like as much as I like.) So it’s not really so much as a willingness to get something spooky and cool looking at the tattoo parlor, as it was a scar to mark him of what he’s had to do. Like some kinda runic that helped enforced the spell.

What’s even more is that it’s brought to my attention that even Fiddleford not only knew of Bill Cipher, as being part of the Mystery Trio and probably helped him be sealed away but he even knew when Gideon was summoning him back!

He used the same sign that Mabel used back in Sock Opera. Aside from that, it was clearly in his more “Alcoholic Hillbilly in Junkyard” days. And that garble he was speaking? Oh ho ho ho ho ho. NOT CRAZY AT ALL.

“Bill Cipher. Triangle.” is what he said in actbash.

He’s seeing it happening around him. The symbols are coming together. He’s been with Dipper, Mabel, Wendy, Soos, Stanford & Stanley. He’s been to Gideon’s show. Fiddleford pops up all over town more often than those agents especially cause he lives there! He knows the symbols! He’s seen them and no amount of mind-erasing or alcohol can make him unsee it! He’s scared to death of what’s gonna happen if they come together. If Bill can actually open up this gateway and nightmares become a really physical possibility, he’s ditching town to keep whatever sanity he’s JUST starting to get back.

Aw man.. This is so long-winded.. Anything else I wanna get out there and ramble on about? I don’t know.. I just really wanted to get all of this out there and possibly dive into a  better discussion with other minds to really argue the point and pinpoint better what could and could not have been. I know it’s ultimately pointless cause whatever happens Alex Hirsch has the power to just shove it all away and blow me out of the water.. But I can’t keep from over analyzing everything. Even my cereal. Anyway, I’ll wrap this up in a short conclusion.

Short Edition: Bill’s ultimate goal is to connect the physical world with the dream world to have ultimate power and make nightmares become a reality. The pieces of The Wheel are pieces of the world Bill wants to create or the world Gravity Falls resides in. They can either work for Bill or turn against him. Gravity Falls is the only gateway between the two worlds. Stanford is actually scarred from a black-magic exercise, not tattooed. Stanley was tricked into basically throwing himself into a suspended animation. FIDDLEFORD FREAKING KNEW WHEN BILL CAME BACK.

Hope whoever took the time to read this that they enjoyed it. I would really appreciate anyone who came along to give me any further discussion on this, maybe a new perspective to put it into. (Feel free to drop a note in my inbox if you do.)

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aperture science – ‘we do what we must because we can.’

lemme tell u about how long it took me to make the first one. three hours just to figure out how the lines worked. then it took me three hours to do the other three in total. wtf. 

anyway, have some databent aperture science logos. (circa 1945-1970) they will be converted into buttons and put up for sale at ottawa comiccon 2015! (these are subject to change before final print)

DAY 2782

Jalsa, Mumbai                 Nov  18/19,  2015                 Wed/Thu  12:16 am

Birthday - EF Rubina Mulchandani  

Thursday, November 19, 2015

celebrating this bouncy lady on her birthday, filled with the verve and enthusiasm of happiness and love for all that she may desire .. from us all .. the Ef ..

Audiences terrify .. they really do .. a prayer before their meeting goes up on each occasion .. what they say , what they react with, what they laugh and scream at, what they shall reject and what accept .. all ..

They are though our adrenalin, our space that needs to be filled when we are in need .. that boost to our self and our presence when it is up for questioning .. everything ..

They give we take .. always .. their generosity makes careers , makes leaders, makes opinion, makes justice .. makes society and makes a nation a nation ..

How much can we acknowledge this Azhar for what he does .. and what he reacts with when he meets another Azhar … !!

Or this Javed Ali, when he brings out the soul of ‘Maula maula ..’

Or this Ali .. when he crashes on to the stage .. our dear Asghar .. the comic of talent ..

Pointing to the quality of a Gangadharan is but a small insignificant indication of the value that he brings to those on the road each day ..

The lovely Shraddha is loved and admired by the audience when she introduces the golden voiced Palak and her brother Palash, who not just sing in unison but unite for a cause that astounds you ..

She be one such cause … but what and how ..?

And Rakesh Anand Bakshi, son of .. yes .. the eminent Anand Bakshi, lyricist par excellence, who wrote some of the most endearing lyrics for the film industry .. but Rakesh ..? following in his footsteps .. er ..

Would this Allahabadi have an answer ..?

There is far too much to digest in a day .. it overwhelms .. it remains behind .. it builds sentiment and emotion and permanence .. the kind one never is able to find anywhere else ..

It is the wonder .. of this platform and the individuals that dress its portals with their incredible stories ..

Love and good night .. for it is not the moment to describe any more the, impressions of these angels and heroes ..

Amitabh Bachchan

For November, I’ve picked out 30 of my favourite video game characters, and then mixed them up with a randomiser - I’ll be drawing each character in their randomly-selected counterpart’s costume.

Today’s character is Chell from Portal, and she’s dressed as Anders from Dragon Age.

She’s also like “whaaaaaaat” because she can’t be sure what’s happening isn’t just some elaborate science ruse