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I don’t know if anyone else has done this before but here goes.

The pink dimension that connects Lion’s mane and Lars’ hair reminded me of the Wood between the Worlds in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Magician’s Nephew. It’s a world composed of a forest where you can submerge in the many ponds to be transported to other worlds, while holding a special ring.
The mechanics are different but the basic concept is the same. The imagery is so powerful it stayed with me all these years.

I suppose it’s a much larger, authorless idea though. The Nightmare Before Christmas and Spyro also come to mind. Does anyone remember other examples?

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Genres of Fantasy

When most people hear the word fantasy, the first thing that pops into their minds is High Fantasy (Lord of the Rings, The Wheel of Time). But what we often forget, is that there are so many more genres, which is something I am going to explore now!

Be warned this is a pretty lengthy guide, and I incorporated 31 Genres of fantasy. Feel free to ask me any specific questions you might have! I hope this was helpful to some of you guys!

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anonymous asked:

In a book I'm plotting my protagonist from Earth accidentally stumbles upon a completely different (fantasy) world. I'm afraid this already sounds cliche, how would I go about making this work?Thanks and love the blog.

Stories like these are portal fantasies, making them a subgenre of fantasy. Therefore, the stumbling onto a fantasy world is not a cliche itself, but how it happens can be cliche.

How did they get there?

There are two different ways characters can find worlds through the portal means:

  • Accidental: Examples include Alice in Wonderland, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Stardust. There are tons of ways characters can accidentally stumble upon another world. They might be looking for something else, they might be chasing something, they might fall into something, an experiment might go wrong, they might take a wrong turn…
  • Shown: Examples include Harry Potter and Peter Pan. In this situation, someone else brings your character to this hidden world through the portal. If your character chases this person and ends up in that world (like Alice in Wonderland), I would classify it as accidental. Your character can also be summoned from a person within the fantasy world.

Now you need to come up with the portal. The portal does not have to be an actual portal. The portal in Peter Pan is flying to the second star on the right, straight on ‘til morning. The portal in The Chronicles of Narnia is the wardrobe. In Harry Potter, it’s the two walls (one to Diagon Alley and one to the train). Some portals can be summoned (Halloween Town II).

Portal Cliches:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Mirrors
  • Holes in things (bushes, the ground, etc.)

Cliches and Things to Avoid:

  • The character immediately wants to go back home or spends the whole time trying to get back home.
  • The characters in the fantasy world reflect the characters in the real world.
  • The fantasy world is perfect with maybe one or two villains. Eradicating them restores the fantasy world to perfection.
  • Avoid wish fulfillment.
  • The protagonist becomes the savior of this world despite being an outsider who knows next to nothing about that world.

Things I Don’t See Often in Portal Fantasies:

  • Characters from both worlds travel back and forth.
  • People already know about the portal prior to the beginning of the story.
  • People from the fantasy world come into our world*.
  • The portal is regulated and guarded.
  • There is more than one portal.
  • Our world is the fantasy world*.
  • Traveling through the portal has some side effects on the character (long term or short term).

*There is a difference between these two. In the first one, the story would start in our world and the POV character(s) would be in our world. In the second one, the story would start in the fantasy world and the POV character would travel to our world.

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