portal bending

The “Bend”ing Dimensions Theory

so I had thought about this a while ago because honestly i love bendy and the ink machine and seeing all these bendy’s running around on Tumblr got me thinking. how do these Bendies interact with each other, if they are interacting outside their own world or maybe they are from the same world?? OR they like maybe are just clones made in the same dimension? (but idk possibilities), so i have this theory or maybe hypothesis but HERE IT IS

MY THEORY IS THAT EACH BENDY HAVE THEIR OWN DIMENSION OR WORLD??? I’m thinking that they are from this sort of Undertale type of bullshit of dimensions (and don’t take that negatively i love the undertale’s au’s and stuff great shit).

 BUT all bendies since they are demons as stated with pentagrams and strange possession of even sam (ref to B.A.I.M. ch.2)) and how u learn Sam is that strange ink dude with the mask. and all those ink human- “MOVING ON”- but Bendys may also have the ability to travel to other bendy dimensions using ink and or portals (aka pentagrams) OR WHEN  Bendys aren’t causing any trouble or chaos in their own dimensions(or aren’t summoned) they all reside in this kind of pocket dimension??

AND who is to say that it couldn’t be far fetched for Bendys to be able to travel to other dimensions of other cartoons?? or even there being some sort of interdimensional connection between all cartoons in some way, shape or, form just not known directly by others and or everyone.

but thats just my theory, please enjoy.

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Sooooooo this happened. I drew the things. The many things. Succubus Chara’s outfit and design came from Dig though. SkeleChara belongs to Mika. And Emma was talking about playing Portal on our Skype Chat, so I couldn’t resist.

And I believe OctoChara was based on a video Lia shared of a “knife wielding tentacle in a box” so i like to imagine Frisk just has a tank in her room and this happy lil homicidal octopus in it. It likes to attack people and snuggle up with Frisk while she sleeps… you dirty sinners know where I’m going with this. I know you’ve seen enough anime to know that. XD (That’s not a bad idea actually…hmmmm)


Also, look at her, you moron. She’s not fat.

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AU where everything is the same except one day all the egos lose their special powers if they have any and are basically mortal. Dark doesn't have the cracking aura Wilford can't make portals or bend reality Anti can't glitch and Mare can't manipulate people with song.

Mare would likely feel the easiest with this, everyone else would be sour or inconsolable. 

but can you imagine when Korra and Asami make their relationship official

how the world react

like the CEO of the biggest industries in the world, who helped rebuild the city and help in a every day basis to the improvement of technology across the world, is in a relationship with the Avatar, master of the four elements, and supposed to bring balance to the whole word, who actually opened a damn spirit portal by energy bending

better call that a power couple man

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Alright, science. Once I heard from a big blond god guy who you gave bear to, that magic is science we don't understand. So tell me, what's the science behind the magic you use?

Well, the magic is very vast…there are many kinds of different spells, but it is as The Ancient One said, we learn to manipulate the “program” of reality.
In other words, particles, waves and energy.

As I mentioned, there are many different styles and types of manipulation. Kaecilius and his followers used some kind of crystal manipulation ,that I still need to study, in order to create sharp crystal weapons.

I, differently, use photon manipulation. As Einsten already stated years ago, light could have mass. It is because the photons that constitute light have something called “momentum”, that provides “mass characteristics” to the photons.

So I manipulate photons, concentrating momentum, making possible to push material things with it. We learn to shape forms like shields establishing patterns of photons and momentum, creating weapons.

That would be a sort of light bending. But there is more.
It is also possible to make photons fuse and create matter with mass, more precisely, crystals.

With that sort of manipulation, one can make photons become atoms as well and “copy” other atoms, that’s the basis of how more experienced sorcerers can shape reality, they create mirrors in the “existence tissue“, changing our perception of everything.

Basically, it is subatomic particles‘ manipulation.
How exactly a person can do this, I still don’t know. I believe we can manipulate our own particles with our mind, making them manipulate the others or even manipulate them directly, I’m not sure, probably both.

How the Eye Of Agamotto can rewind time? I have no idea. It is an alien stone that fell on Earth, it probably is made of particles that form time, so if you can control the Eye Of Agamotto, you can manipulate “particles of time”. If the Infinity Stones were created in the beginning of the universe, it is possible each one is made of particles responsible for different aspects we have in our universe. I could be wrong, I don’t know for certain. Call it…a Strange Theory.

I still have no clue of how there are living objects, like The Cloak Of Levitation.
Maybe there are particles in it that give the cloak consciousness, like it happens in our brain, it is complex. Humanity along the centuries found a way to manipulate particles and wrote books, books sorcerers like myself study today. They knew how to control the particles, even if they didn’t know the exact reason sometimes.

That’s why there are many different types of “magic”. It will depend of the particle you control and of the patterns you use.
Let’s take these shields as an example.

Recently I learned how to change the vibration of the photons, so…when I change it, the shield changes color.

I can do the same with intensity, increasing the photon and quantum concentration. Like this.

The shields and weapons have specific designs to make the particle manipulation easier and more stable. So if you lose focus…

…you…you lose stability and…the…uhnm.

Well, anyways. When you use a sling ring to open a portal, somehow you’re bending the “tissue” of our existence and making a worm hole to the location you want to go. So I presume there are particles of that same nature in the rings, so you can bend the “tissue” of our dimension.

That was it for now, I think I spoke too much. Maybe I should start to teach?
This was today’s class, hope you understood a bit more about “science” and “magic”.

Okay so me and my friend discovered a few connections between Portal and Legend of Korra, once I managed to get over the whole “oh my God how do I handle this feeling HAKFHA;HGF;SAHF;AH;UIGHAS;YHF” I had to do a sketch. Yep I suck at those by the way, Anatomy? the heck is that? Any way I thought it would be interersting to have General iroh as GLaDOS, and her would be General GLaIROHS, then have Korra as Chell (and yes she’s portal bending because of feelings), though instead of having the hate relationship that GLaDOS and Chell have, Iroh would basically be helping Chell save all the benders. Herp derp I swear I’ll get a tablet some day so I can draw half decent pictures -.- I should not be allowed near any fandom

Through the Portal (Chapter 2)

Hope this was worth the wait. blogquantumreality’s prompt is tucked in here.

Korra was the first to wake up, shifting, confused for a moment before she remembered where she was and who she was intertwined with. Asami was sprawled across her, as sprawled as she could be given the tiny bedroll, her head tucked into the bender’s neck, an arm tucked beneath Korra’s and hooked behind her shoulder. Their fingers were tangled together above them, Korra’s arm thrown back in the grass. The human pillow settled back down after adjusting to her surroundings, relaxing with a grin into Asami’s crushing embrace. She traced the sleeping woman’s features with her eyes, her fingers itching to reach out. The sharp line of her jaw, how softly her eyelashes rested on her cheekbones, Korra was captivated by Asami.

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There is a place where
words of poet fails
to fall in grasp
caught in tendrils
of time, distance.

Time, impending
fight to exist
measure yourself
as sunrises lover
not as earths ruler.

Distance, man-ipulate
portals of bending
looping matrix
for distance alone
can be refreshing.

In that I dance
around my living room
campfire hallucinated by
my own imagination