portal bending

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Sooooooo this happened. I drew the things. The many things. Succubus Chara’s outfit and design came from Dig though. SkeleChara belongs to Mika. And Emma was talking about playing Portal on our Skype Chat, so I couldn’t resist.

And I believe OctoChara was based on a video Lia shared of a “knife wielding tentacle in a box” so i like to imagine Frisk just has a tank in her room and this happy lil homicidal octopus in it. It likes to attack people and snuggle up with Frisk while she sleeps… you dirty sinners know where I’m going with this. I know you’ve seen enough anime to know that. XD (That’s not a bad idea actually…hmmmm)

but can you imagine when Korra and Asami make their relationship official

how the world react

like the CEO of the biggest industries in the world, who helped rebuild the city and help in a every day basis to the improvement of technology across the world, is in a relationship with the Avatar, master of the four elements, and supposed to bring balance to the whole word, who actually opened a damn spirit portal by energy bending

better call that a power couple man

Okay so me and my friend discovered a few connections between Portal and Legend of Korra, once I managed to get over the whole “oh my God how do I handle this feeling HAKFHA;HGF;SAHF;AH;UIGHAS;YHF” I had to do a sketch. Yep I suck at those by the way, Anatomy? the heck is that? Any way I thought it would be interersting to have General iroh as GLaDOS, and her would be General GLaIROHS, then have Korra as Chell (and yes she’s portal bending because of feelings), though instead of having the hate relationship that GLaDOS and Chell have, Iroh would basically be helping Chell save all the benders. Herp derp I swear I’ll get a tablet some day so I can draw half decent pictures -.- I should not be allowed near any fandom