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Literally no one asked for this but since there are a 100 of you here I thought all of y'all should be informed of my interest in case some of them dont sit well with you. So here is a convenient list of things I will post/reblog occasionally. It’s in alphabetical order and the ones I like more and will probably post more about are bolded. Here we go:

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A portal opens just above your head. A cascade of 4986 baby murloc plushes fall out of the portal. One of them bears a note. "You seem to like murlocs. The first few amused you. I have been informed that you should be drowned in murlocs. @Selarcis has decided four thousand nine hundred and eighty six would be sufficient. Any fewer would be insufficient, any more would be absurd. If you need help sorting and cataloging these, just ask. ~Briyanna"

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I wanted to do a self reflecting post! These are a bunch of designs between 2011 and now that I have done. These are all the ones that I still feel OK with- normally I hate something after a day. I am still embarrassed by these but mainly cuz I haven’t got good linework skills or posing. Some of them need some ridiculous amount of refinement (especially that TFA robot). But the basic idea I still like.

In 2011/2012, I drew a lot a lot. Especially on paper. I was in college at the time and I was so bored I would draw on any scrap I could find. I drew a lot of “original” stuff and in my own style- I wasn’t so focused on making things show accurate. Fun for me but my “popularity” declined a fair bit on art sites. Oh well, let’s hope I get better at designing!