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I just spent the past hour and a half getting the logo on the tank top and it looks pretty solid, you can’t even tell the markers bled a bit unless you’re super close to my boobs and since nobody will be who cares it looks great from a few feet away im so hyped this cosplay’s gonna be great

Lauren isn’t expecting much from her twenty second birthday. All the important milestones had already passed, all of them leaving her empty handed. No Hogwarts letter had arrived on her eleventh birthday, no mermaid tail had appeared on her thirteenth. The enormously prophetic sixteenth year – the year famously known for having destinies foretold, for being kidnapped by gods, for falling into a ridiculous love triangle – had come and gone with nothing of note. The most magical part of her twenty first birthday had been that’d she’d manage to consume that amount of alcohol without dying

No grand epics begin on the day of someone’s twenty second birthday.

This is because of those unlucky enough to be chosen at this tender age – most don’t ever make it back.

Dead men tell no tales, after all.


(Dead women do. The bones and bubbling corpses of hundreds of daring, unfortunate women are screaming warnings and fury at the next girl to join their ranks of the lost and forgotten.

But no one listens to a woman’s screaming.

No one will listen to your screaming either.

Sorry, dear. )


She wakes up and goes to the bathroom to get ready for the day.

This is a hasty decision, of course, although she does not know it at the time.

This may be her last morning. If she’d known, maybe she would have savored it. Snuggled into her warm sheets, pressed her face into the softness of her pillow, pulled the comforter about her bare shoulders, the most instinctual and simple of comforts.

But then again. Maybe not.

There is also an instinctual, twisted pleasure in ripping off the bandaid.

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So we finished remodeling my bathroom…

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somuchbetterthanthat  asked:

If you're tempted, Irma/Floréal/Louison, - flirting? (can be just two of them if you prefer!)

In which it is really hard to tell if girls are flirting with you or not sometimes.


“Grantaire said he had a friend I had to meet, he didn’t warn me you were so pretty or I would have told him to make it a blind date,” Irma Boissy says the first time Floréal meets her, at the bar at the Corinthe, sliding into the seat next to her and elbowing Grantaire as he sits down too.

“Of course she’s pretty, I make sure all my friends are as beautiful as possible so I have models for my art and a way to make up to the world for my face.”

“Hush, I’m getting compliments,” Floréal tells Grantaire, rolling her eyes at him and then looking at Irma again. She’s very pretty, with an asymmetric haircut Floréal would love to steal and a pattern on her sleeves that looks hand-embroidered. “Maybe even giving them. Keep telling me nice things about myself and we can reconsider the blind date thing.”

“I never should have introduced the two of you,” Grantaire says, off to the side, though he sounds amused more than worried. “I suddenly want to take all of this back.”

“Hush,” Irma tells him, and that makes Floréal like her even more. Sometimes Grantaire has to be told to shut up, it’s a wise person who knows when. “Now, tell me about all these compliments you’re thinking about giving me.”

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Under-appreciated Movie of the Day: Lost in Austen (2008)

“Everyone you know… will one day prise your fingers from the raft and watch you drown. It is the way of the world. Everyone, except me.”

A thoroughly modern heroine threatens to ruin one of the world’s greatest literary love stories in this ingenious reinvention of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

Bored bank worker Amanda Price literally becomes lost in her favorite Austen book after she finds a strange portal in her bathroom and swaps places with its heroine, Elizabeth Bennet. Once she gets entangled in the affairs of the Bennet family and the dashing Mr. Darcy, how can she keep this celebrated romance on track?

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