China Town von Carmen Neumeier
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Auf dem Weg zum Britischen Museum kamen wir noch an den Toren von China Town vorbei. On the way to the British Museum, we have passed the gates of Chinatown. England Vereinigtes Königreich (United Kingdom) London April 2015


Finally found all the pics I took in that Snap Yourself booth at Anime Expo. Second and third pics are my husband and me, and I don’t even know about the last two to be quite honest lol. Just bunch of random people told me to be in the pic and try to squeeze myself in as much as possible. Apparently I ended up taking most of that bottom left corner.

It’s that thing that Chell does a lot when you try to make her look down because Valve didn’t give her eyelids that close like this:

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Imagine GLaDOS actually having cake. She invites Chell over, but then turns into a human so that she can quickly eat the cake before Chell gets there. Chell never comes. GLaDOS realizes this and gets angry so she punches a wall. Turns out her punches are more powerful than a regular human's. This punch causes the facility to tremble, and some of Rattman's dens collapse. Infuriated by this,Rattman starts destroying parts of the facility. GLaDOS learns this and causes the roof to fall on Rattman.


if you ever find a building or structure in the Outer Plane of Limbo, expect to see shit like this