natgeotravel Video by @tobyharriman// Portage Lake, an hour drive from Anchorage, is a glacial body of water in the Chugach National Forest of Alaska. It sits in a long, heavily glaciated valley, which is fairly common up here. I have come up this way a few times, but the weather never panned out the previous times through. This night was an special exception and a timelapse goldmine!


My sister-in-law (Brandy Miller) is missing, she left yesterday afternoon and never returned home & didn’t show up for work this morning…If you see or have seen her, please contact us or the Portage Police or the Pennsylvania State Police.

She was last seen walking on Caldwell Ave. in Portage, Pa. wearing a green hoodie, jeans, black tennis shoes and a small burgundy backpack. She left at 3:30 pm Monday and never returned home. She did not show up for work this morning at Stagers and did not call off. Her phone has since been switched off.

We just want her home safe.

Update: She has been found safe, thank you everyone!!