A maid is one who helps and protects oneself from attacks using their aspect. They also serve their aspect to others. Mind is logical decision making process and the effects of choices. A maid if mind is an effective manipulator and predictor, almost seeming psychic in some cases. She is able to predict her opponents moves and counter. In addition she can utilize her reasoning skills to better her team and counter raw emotion, cooling people down with a fresh dose of reality when needed. While not of outstanding power, the maid of mind is a capable, intelligent and active member of a team.


Maids need to learn to care and provide for others, even if their efforts go unnoticed. Many Maids will feel discouraged from doing things for others because their efforts go unrecognized. They will need to learn to keep at it no matter what. Mind players have a problem with intellect, either they are too smart or not smart enough. Those who are too smart need to come down to a level where the rest of us can understand, and those who aren’t smart enough need to realize they are intellectual and use their think pans.