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Audiovox DS9521PK 9-inch Portable DVD Player Review!

I received the Audiovox DS9521PK 9-inch Portable DVD Player on my birthday (July 16th) which was for my daughter but really felt like a present to myself.  You cannot put a price on sanity.  Trust me.

After endless car rides of crying, whining, restlessness and ‘no’/'yes’ arguments I decided it was time to buy a DVD player for my car.  I saw this as an investment in my sanity and was going to have it next day shipped from Amazon.

WHY DIDN’T I DO THIS EARLIER?!  I have no money.  BUT I HAVE A CREDIT CARD!  Why not an iPad?  I did not need that fancy of a machine nor did I want to pay the price.

If you, too, were not smart enough to buy a car/own a car with a DVD player installed and you have a child(ren) - contemplate this!

I took this from Amazon’s website:

Let’s talk about the mount that it comes with for a minute.  It sucks.  I drive a Mazda CX-5 and the plastic 'quick connect bracket’ did not fit around the metal bars of the headrest.  My friend (who helped me find this player on Amazon), myself, and the hubby tried to make it fit (with longer screws, etc) and it was a lost cause.  I was ready to trade the car in, ha.

Also - HAD it fit, we tested the 'security mount’ and it did not even hold the DVD player.  The three little 'teeth’ did not hold the weight and it just fell off.  Well that seems safe.  No.

How it went:

Hubby: puts DVD player on mount - figures out it does not hold - realizes that I am in a huffle puff about it not working for the last day or two and 'makes’ it work.

Me:  hits the DVD player (reenacting a bump, come on now) and it falls down.  NOT SAFE.

Words and glares.

Me: ordered 'universal’ mount from Amazon via next day shipping 15 minutes later.

In the meantime, I tried putting the DVD player on my daughter’s lap during the car rides.  That did not work because the machine is too heavy for her little legs (shoot, this thing is a 9") and it would slide whenever I turned (she is too young to 'hold’ the thing).  I would hear: 'Mom?’ in a sad voice and look back to see it almost hitting the floor.

I ended up holding the screen as I drove.  Well that wasn’t going to work - I had been doing that with my iPhone (running a slow buffering YouTube) before.

For a day, the hubby un-swiveled the screen so that the machine was flat and put it in the pouch on the back of the seat in my car.  This worked for the day, but was at too low of a level for my daughter that she would eventually end up with a horrible neck ache.  It was funny for a bit to look back and see her purposely spreading her legs so she could look between them to see her movie.

The mount I ordered was the TFY Car Headrest Mount for Swivel & Flip Style Portable DVD Player-9 Inch and I was hoping my car’s headrest was not too tall/weirdly shaped for it.  It came the next day.

Luckily, I was able to stretch and secure the velcro on the headrest.  I had read some reviews from people that had to do crazy things like switch the front and back headrests in order for it to fit.  ERMAGERRRRRRRRRRD.  At this point, I was going to do anything.

TADA!  I did a jig in front of my house because I was excited.  

With the DVD player, I ordered a Caillou and Elmo DVD.  So far - Caillou is her favorite.  Whenever an episode is over (there’s an ending credit) my daughter will snap out of her silent mode and tell me 'done’ or 'more’!  I have the DVD set to 'play all episodes’ but my daughter’s patience is as long as my own.

That’s when I grab the remote (yay, it came with a remote) and reach around the seat as I am driving and press the skip button four hundred times while swinging the remote around.  EVENTUALLY, I will hit the sensor (I have yet to figure out where that is) and start playing the next one.  I am pretty sure any drivers around me think I am crazy.

Note to self: figure out where the sensor is located.

My daughter claps and says, 'OHKAY!’

For the person that wrote 'no amount of yoga’ expertise would make the remote work from the driver’s seat - you were wrong.  It’s not easy but it’s possible.

Look at this amazingness!!  She is intrigued, perplexed, sidetracked, entertained, happy, QUIET…..

I can drive.  And, obviously, take photos while driving but that's contradictory…

She is also entertained by three, yes THREE, pacifiers while riding in the car.  We will break that habit eventually.


  • SANITY.  Everyone is happy.  My daughter is happy to have something entertaining while we are driving and I can actually drive without gripping the steering wheel until my hands turn white.  I don’t know if the hubby is happy having to do yoga moves to work the remote when he rides with us but that is beside the point. 
  • It comes with two folding headphones (and a splitter) but I have yet to try them.  I am happy enough to have my daughter quiet while I am driving that I let her movies take precedence.  Sometimes I feel like I should be the one wearing headphones to listen to music.  That’s weird.  :)
  • It comes with a remote.  It is not the most modern remote but it gets the job done.  Today, it fell between the seat and the console after we were leaving the grocery store and I am pretty sure my daughter learned a bunch of new vocabulary from me as I was trying to retrieve it.
  • It has a battery which means we can take this OUT of the car and use it in other places like planes, restaurants, etc.  The specs say it lasts 'up to 2 hours’ but I have read reviews claiming it does not make it that long.
  • The picture quality seems pretty good.  I am the driver so I have only seen bits a pieces - when I first tried it out and when I am doing yoga moves to jump to the next episode - but from what I have seen it looks good for the price I paid.
  • The vehicle power cable seems to reach just barely from the DVD player to my CLA port in the center console (under my radio and air controls).  I read some reviews in which is was too short but you can buy a longer universal cable easily.
  • The on/off switch, SD card slot (it comes with that, too), audio and power jack are all on one side - my side (since my daughter sits behind the passenger’s seat).  This is convenient.
  • I have not had any skipping issues (of the DVD) yet - crossing fingers.  Granted, if you have it sideways and are flinging it around it has a tendency to skip.


  • The player does not hold the DVD location where you last ended.  Now, my solution to this is to pause the movie whenever we get out of the car (and I know we are coming back shortly).  Although, this leaves the screen on and it may warrant some weird looks from people passing by the car.  When we are done driving/home, I just flip the on/off switch to 'off’ and we have to start all over again the next time.
  • The volume is not the best.  I have it set to max (which, I believe, is 20) and it is just loud enough for her to hear.  I can hear it but it gets slightly drowned out on the highway.
  • The mount.  See above.

Nevertheless, we went from this (do not get confused - book reading lasts 2 minutes):

To this:

I hope this helps anyone and everyone!  When my daughter gets in my car she excitedly asks, 'Teeee?’ (for TV) and I turn on the DVD player.  Yesterday we were driving to get dinner and my daughter would say, 'DAH!!!!’  

He would turn around and she would say, 'Elmo’ and point at the DVD player happily.  I smiled.  SUCCESS.

The hubby took my daughter to swimming lessons the other day when I could not go and I asked him if he wanted to take the DVD player.  He told me no and I gave him a look of concern and asked, 'ARE YOU SURE?!’  I feel like this is my daughter and I’s blankey.

Sorry to my mother in advance who oftentimes rides in the back next to my daughter when we go out shopping or for food.  She may get tired of Caillou rather quickly - if she’s not already.  Although, she may enjoy the 'peace’ and lack of having to entertain my daughter nonstop!

Would I recommend this product?  Yes.

Why?  It plays DVDs fine, my daughter loves watching 'tee’ in the car, and I have my sanity back while driving.

Price: The price was $99.95 (without shipping, tax, the $9 two year warranty, and DVDs).  This is pretty good when you research the price of some other players or an iPad.  In the long run, it is worth it.

Rating: 4 out of 5 (so far) 

Things that would make them even better:

  • If the DVD held its last stopping point when turning off.
  • The sound was louder.
  • If the controls were voice/toddler-clapping activated.
  • Even more compact (width-wise).
  • If it camouflaged/morphed into the headrest when we left the car so it did not draw attention.

Next time, I will get a car with a DVD player.  Done.

For the record, today I did Body Beast Build: Chest/Tris and almost took a dumbbell or two to the face because I 'upped my weights’.  I torched some calories and worked my upper body - success!  It was a rest day for Focus T25 so I was not about to abuse that.  ;)

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