Firstly, I love the fact that www.portable.tv contains nil stupid things. Secondly, it is a breath of fresh air to see the works of an (young) amazing photographer that also contains nil stupid shit like taking portraits of girls in unusual surroundings with their head of hair flipped completely over their face (wtf does that shit even mean!?…is it a piss poor modern take on Rene Magritte’s works?–Just like people using the word “SWAG”, this hair flip bullshit needs to stop). You go, galfren. Photograph the shit out of these pretty girls…And make it to the editorial magazines of your dreams.

Beautiful with a dash of “fuck you”…Read more below:


5 Artists who Moonlight as Style Icons below the Mainstream Radar

from portable.tv

Annie Clark a.k.a. St. Vincent

St. Vincent is the ultimate heartbreaker in unrequited style love. This is partly because she is painfully gorgeous, with her Snow White-esque hair and complexion and lithe figure, but most especially because designer 3.1 Phillip Lim supplies much of her tour wardrobe (and keeps a special place [in the front row] of his NYFW shows especially for her). Annie Clark always keeps it classy in the style department, making her well-thought-out, feminine but not precious look a useful foil for some of her more heady material (or heavy, if you’ve heard her live covers of Big Black and The Pop Group). Add to her credit a recent collaboration and subsequent tour withDavid Byrne, one of the most stylish eccentric suit aficionados in alterna-rock history, and Annie Clark is ineffaceably the holy grail of indie rock star-meets-style icon.

[image via Danny North]

 I have noticed that in general media programming — even if there is a compelling gay character present — it’s very rare that such a character is female. Beyond shows like The L Word, it’s actually a very difficult task to think of cool, queer female characters in the media who have agency within a show, or have personalities that extend beyond their sexual identity.

The following list is a bit of a mixed bag — it’s not all American, they aren’t tokenised and many of the women featured definitely aren’t good girls. Diversity, yay!