SunJack Solar Charger: Portable Prepper Powerhouse

SunJack Solar Charger: Portable Prepper Powerhouse #Solar #Power

by Todd Walker

I go to the woods to disconnect and unplug from the madness of modern life. Times of staring at nature’s off-grid TV as it warms my feet and heats my cocoa are too few and far between. As cliche as it sounds, it don’t get much better than this!

While I love to sit and document my dirt time adventures in my leather bushcraft journal, my scribbled notes don’t “upload” well to our…

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The reasons for you choose SUNKINGDOM solar panels as mobile charger: 

(1)High transformation efficient power supply 

The transformation efficiency of SUNKINGDOM solar panel is up to 18.5%, while most of the similar products on the market is 15% or even lower. 

(2)Free limitless power 

Free limitless power from sun power;Non-pollution;Non-radiative Very friendly of it. 

(3) 88Portable design 

When you’re out enjoying the great outdoors, enjoy yet another perk: the lighest weigh and ultra compact size are convenient for you. 

(4)Equipped with Voltage Regulator to ensure stability 

SUNKINGDOM solar panel’s voltage regulator keeps your device getting stable current and prolong it’s life. 

(5)Easy to Use 

a. Open the solar panel and fix it on the places where it can receive maximum sunshine, like knapsacks, windows, car windshields, etc. 

b. Connect it with your device by the power cord(not included). 

c. The product will charge your device as soon as the sunshine is enough. 

(6)Professional technical Support 

SUNKINGDOM company is majoy in solar panel productions.We have professional technical team.Any problems you can contact us freely. 

(7) Wide Compatibility 

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Introduction car DVR recorder

Introduction car DVR recorder

With the advent of the digital age, car DVR recorders in our lives as a monitor.Thanks cars, fewer mistakes, the police can do with the presence of traffic accidents.

Car DVR Recording System is a new generation of compact car black box conducere.Camera simply located in the dashboard or attached to the windshield and skills
DVR equipmentthat usually cigarette lighter to record and store data for any sudden impact sports, the vehicle was to.car dvr is a small car
Used to monitor road conditions, car or hiding, and provide all the needs of automotive safety. Recorders come close in our lives, in the 1970s, but in fact, it is only in the last part of their life, it is the home of a car. One of the most important factors aspects of video, but the device is not so interested.

But it was not until the 1990s, cameras and practical enough to be very small, the image quality is not good enough to find a home in the car. British police in 90 years of car camera technology. But the possibility of an explosion and the digital age of the 21st century, turn of the century saw the arrival of digital storage system - such as camera before, size and ability to raise prices to ridiculously low. Only 10 years have established special custom screws (police) and video recording vehicles on the screw. Gradually replace hard disk recorders, and semiconductor memory devices optional.Now Portable Solar Charger now became more functionality and more

To design suitable size, you can see any sudden braking, rapid acceleration, excessive cornering or sudden impact and save some time to meet different people needs.Not only screen machine, but also entertainment user.Some 10 seconds before the event to 20 after! Then, as often as needed.It “is really a good thing.On On the other hand, its prices continue to fall, more and more people can afford.

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An informative blog about portable solar chargers, Compact Flash Cards & megapixel IP cameras in today's changing world.

Check out some good ideas for solar power from our blog! Make sure you use the power of the sun for all your summertime fun!

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Our friend and customer Patrick solar charging his gear with the sCharger-14 portable solar charger. Thank you Patrick!

“I just wanted to thank you all at SunTactics again. I received the solar charger a couple weeks ago and I finally had a chance to get it out on the mountains today. I had a friend take a picture of me using it, which I’ve attached, and I gave you guys a little social media shout out. Love the product and it looks like my followers on social media do too. Thanks for the sponsorship, it means a lot. Can’t wait to get to Panama and utilize my SunTactics gear! ”

Solartab : Portable Solar Charger for Mobile Devices

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Unlimited Purified Drinking Water When SHTF

Unlimited Purified Drinking Water When SHTF

Have the freedom to travel anywhere outside without having to worry about clean drinking water with the Steripen, a handheld UV water purifier has a standard USB connection which is perfect for plugging into a Suntactics Portable Solar Charger so you can have unlimited purified drinking water when going off the grid or during an emergency situation.

SunJack Solar Charger – Portable Solar Power For Camping, Hiking and More

Many people say that getting out camping means leaving […]

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from SunJack Solar Charger – Portable Solar Power For Camping, Hiking and More