Thank you for tagging me @qvoix <3 I’m a boy tho, so don’t expect anything interesting in my bag :P

Ok,so here we go! My backpack is an adidas sack, and these are the stuff I carry with me: My headphones (I’ve got smaller too, but I like these to xD), my hair wax because you never know, my deodorant just in case, a portable iphone charger because my phone’s battery is sh*t, a pack of tissues, a few medicine ( candy for sore throat and a nasal spray) because allergies are fun YAY, a sh*tload of cables because the apocalypse is near and you may never know when you’ll need random electronic @@@@ to battle them aliens, random coins (I don’t have a wallet :3), My precious doggo key (IT HAS A CAT TOO THO), My scarf witch I love and wear with almost everything and a usb stick.

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My Fashion Week Survival Kit

10 things every girls needs to get through New York Fashion Week

We’re less than a week away from New York Fashion Week Fall 2015, which means if you’re attending any of the shows or countless fashion events, it’s time to start gathering your necessities. Being a veteran, I’ve learned the ins out outs, plus, through trial and error, discovered the most important items to bring and wear. When I’m bouncing from presentation to presentation, there are ten things that are a must. From the perfect caryall and my handy Nikon to a pair of stylish sneakers and a pressed juice to go, take note of what I need to survive fashion week and update your go-tos today!

The Perfect Caryall

I know that mini bags are trending, but let’s be real, I have a lot of stuff to lug around. During fashion week, a caryall is a must! My go-to is this classic Madewell transport tote.

The Transport Tote

A Fancy Camera

When I’m at fashion week, I like to keep a nice camera on hand. The quality is much better than my iPhone and its compact size still fits perfectly in my tote. Whether I’m snapping pics of style stars or detailed shots of pieces I love, a Nikon is a great addition for any fashion week goer.

Camera Courtesy of Nikon

Long-Lasting Makeup

I’m applying my makeup early in the morning and possibly might even be dragging myself to an afterparty, without any stops. To help my makeup last, I use this Laura Mercier primer before I put on my other beauty essentials. 

Foundation Primer, 50ml


During fashion week, my immune system always gets rundown. With one of these little packets, I can shock my system with a mound of Vitamin C, helping my body stay strong and fight off those evil germs. 

A Portable Charger

Without my iPhone or iPad, I’m lost. That’s why a portable charger is a must. I love this gilded one from Nasty Gal, so I can change my electronics wherever needed.

Gilded Portable Charger

Pressed Juicery

Finding time to eat breakfast or even think about lunch, is few and far between. Pressed Juicery becomes my new best friend during fashion week. I keep a green juice in my bag and sip it throughout the day. 

Stylish Sneakers

Thankfully, sneakers are (still) one of hottest footwear trends. With Nikes, my feet don’t get blisters, I can walk for miles and still look stylish - it’s a win-win all around.

Nike Lace Up Sneaker - Women’s Flyknit Zoom Agility

An Organized Wallet

Staying organized is key. I don’t want to lose anything, so having a zip-around wallet, like this Comme des Garcons wallet, keeps all of my cards, passes and hard invites, all in one place.

COMME DES GARCONS WALLET ‘Embossed B’ zip-around wallet

Comfortable Designer Boots

On days when I want to be a little dressier, say I know I’m going to an afterparty, I wear comfortable designer boots. It’s still cold outside, but I want to look cute, so these Burberry boots will do just the trick!

Double Buckle Leather Ankle Boots


Last but not least, I’m old school at times and prefer to handwrite my notes. Whether it be an addresses to the next event or keywords from a collection, I love my Kenneth Cole leather notebook

Large Leather Notebook

Check out the full New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015 schedule here.


My first ever giveaway!!!
I wanted to do a little something to thank all my wonderful followers
What’s included:
-blue fujifilm instax mini 8 camera
-fujifilm instax instant film mini (5 packs)
-sunshine lights to hang up
-halo portable charger (iphone 4 and newer compatible)
-$25 iTunes gift card (not scratched off)
-size medium ivory bralette
-“I love you to the moon and back” pillow
-ONE of the two signs (either the moons or wanderlust)

Everything is from urban outfitters except the pillow, charger, and gift card

-MBF disarranqe (that’s me)
-likes do NOT count
-may reblog as many times to increase chances
-winner will be chosen on November 14 using a random generator

(Please do not delete the text)
Good luck!!