My first ever giveaway!!!
I wanted to do a little something to thank all my wonderful followers
What’s included:
-blue fujifilm instax mini 8 camera
-fujifilm instax instant film mini (5 packs)
-sunshine lights to hang up
-halo portable charger (iphone 4 and newer compatible)
-$25 iTunes gift card (not scratched off)
-size medium ivory bralette
-“I love you to the moon and back” pillow
-ONE of the two signs (either the moons or wanderlust)

Everything is from urban outfitters except the pillow, charger, and gift card

-MBF disarranqe (that’s me)
-likes do NOT count
-may reblog as many times to increase chances
-winner will be chosen on November 14 using a random generator

(Please do not delete the text)
Good luck!!


NUTELLA Portable Phone Charger & Phone Case - Easy & Cool Nutella DIYs

(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17qDzBSCjO4)

Submitted by Simon

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I wanted to put together a carry that would be useful at home and work so have combined various items to achieve this. It’s an evolving carry and I’m happy with what I currently have. Other EDC’S I have seen on the site have helped me purchase various items but I am always open to feedback to help save space and develop an even better EDC.

trappedinavelociraptor replied to your post: Here is a super nifty little thing I w…

Looks cool but during most of my day the only charging stations available are wall outlets, not USB ports

If that’s the case they do have this nifty little thing as well, that plugs into your normal iPhone Wall charger and stores an extra charge for on the go.

It’s not quite as portable as the chargekey (and it needs an iPhone charger to plug into), but if you were going to a con/airport/road trip something like that where you wouldn’t be sure when you’ll be able to sit down near an outlet again, it’d be super helpful. Like, I cannot tell you how many trips to the hotel this thing would have saved me at SDCC, I was charging my phone at least twice a day with all the texting, tweeting, photography, and phone games I was playing while I waited in lines. Same thing with airports, I’ve definitely had flights where I had to sit in silence for the last two or three hours of a flight home so I’d have enough of a charge left on my phone to call the person picking me up when I landed.

Although it’s designed around the apple wall charger, once the battery pack is full you can use it to charge anything that utilizes a USB charger, so it’s useful if you’re traveling with people using a variety of phone brands or USB devices.


@zompire-plutopian tagged my to fill out these lists. 

Five things you’ll find in my bag:
1. The silver cigarette case I use as a wallet
2. My brickphone shaped portable charger
3. My iPhone 5S
4. Red heart-shaped compact mirror 
5. Lipstick

Five things in my bedroom:
1. blue armchair
2. Eevee plush
3. Signe Pierce print
4. Split-leaf philodendron
5. Akira, volume 1

Five things I’ve always wanted to do in life:
1. Live in Italy
2. Learn synthesizer
3. Go to England
4. See Blur live in England
5. See my favorite bands with friends who like them

Five things that make me very happy:
1. Duran Duran (Nick Rhodes in particular)
2. Eating delicious food
3. massages
4. Talking about my favorite things with someone
5. Going to beautiful, enchanting places

Five things I’m currently “into:”
1. Nick Rhodes
2. synthesizers
3. photography
4. Pokemon Go
5. putting outfits together

Five things on my to-do list:
1. cleaning my room
2. Clean my emailbox out
3. Do things I’ve been tagged in
4. Bleach and redye my hair
5. Get my hair cut

Five things people may not know about me:
1. I’m a fan of the metal gear games despite not actually having played any of them
2. My favorite dessert is tiramisu
3.I like the smell of grapefruit but I hate the taste  
4. I like licorice
5. and Dubstep

I will tag: @margotrobbiehoe, @fatal-plastic-kiss, @elkasynthex, @lolaluiggi, @johnnymarrmite, @thisorchidsturnedtoblack and anyone else who would like to do this. 

submitted by Eli

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This TSA-Safe, school friendly EDC will keep you out and ready for anything. You’ll never be stranded in any social, urban, or school related situation!