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Groove SonaVERSE Portable BoomBox

If you need a cool-looking speaker that combines clear audio playback, surprising input versatility and maximum portability for full-range music on the go, we have just the right boombox for you – SonaVERSE BXL is here to brighten up your day with crisp-clear playback and GoGroove signature design, and it boasts a rechargeable 3.7V battery to round off the best music box you can find with such an affordable price tag-  

Speaking of silly, another thing we can’t show you is footage of Daniel dancing in the garage **cough**YouTube**cough** (sorry, these summer colds are terrible). He’s got UE Boom portable wireless speaker and has been strutting round the Energy Station holding it above his head in what he thinks is a passable imitation of John Travolta – even if he does sing more like Olivia Newton-John. At some point Simon, his race engineer is going to join in or take a sledgehammer to it. Spy’s money’s on the sledgehammer.
—  Red Bull Spy