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Niall/Harry, 5.5k, set after the AMAs. Can be considered a continuation of over and over, but also works on its own.

There is a hotel room in this town, Niall knows. This town, this town, this town, he thinks. Sings. Knows in an inebriated state of alcohol and success that the lyrics are applicable and tied in soulful strings across buildings and streets, glowing within him to guide him home in this town. This town, this town, this town, that didn’t win awards tonight, but that has something golden waiting to press itself in warm breaths and a low tone against him when he gets home. Temporarily home. The skin of another person, encompassing. He truly would dance, now, with the world watching, though that might be the alcohol talking.

It’s late, and he slips out of the after party and into a car. Whispers conspiratorially to the seatbelt that he hopes that the driver can see the golden flecks of guiding light even though they’re Niall’s to keep, to see, to feel. The street lamps seem pale in comparison; they don’t love like he does. Don’t have someone to long for in the late night breeze that scratches itself on brick walls in its haste to get away.

The seatbelt stretches over his chest in response – puts pressure on the middle of it, where Harry’s hand often rests when they sleep. He pats affection onto his lifeline until the car comes to a stop in front of the hotel. Mutters hopes of a future love to it before they part. The driver smiles over his shoulder before he drives off again, and Niall hunches his shoulders against that breeze – isn’t as naturally intimidating as a brick wall when his opponent is a type of weather.

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Trobla Wooden Speaker - TokTok

This wooden speaker from design studio TokTok is made from Slovenian maple and walnut wood, and is compatible with most major smartphone brands. Most impressive is its ability to amplify the sound of your devices WITHOUT the use of any electronic technology. That’s right… it’s a zero-tech speaker that generates better quality sound than competitor portable speakers. 

“We designed and tested multiple prototypes to make our amplifier live up to its name. Trobla is the Slovenian word for horn, and we want to orchestrate the best sound a horn can produce. The secret lies in getting it to come out as smooth as possible from your smartphone through the amp. We used a cone to keep tones sharp and created a special chamber to enhance the stereophony and low frequencies”

You can support the project by visiting their Kickstarter page here.