portable power supply

Portable USB Power Supply

“Don’t chance it. This friendly white square will save you on those long days when you have 5 minutes of battery, but 5 hours to go before you sleep. It’s the optimal emergency charger for cell phone, mp3 player, or any USB-powered device. Charge it up with your computer and then toss it in your laptop bag, backpack, or purse, where it will remain charged and ready for you. When it’s time for emergency juice, switch the charger on, select the appropriate tip, plug it in to the Portable USB Power Supply and your device, and watch the magic happen!”

Hiking through the cascades, no torch, no rig. This is the perfect solution for your dilemma. #Pure #Potent #Discreet #Delicious - The battery base is easily rechargeable with any portable solar power supply and the pack weight of a few cartridges is negligible. A convenient companion for any cannabis concentrate consumer with an #ActiveLifeStyle. #RefineSeattle #RefineTheWorld #RefineYourLifestyle #PacificNorthWest @TheClearConcentrate @TheClearScientist #LegalCannabis #LegalConcentrates #TheClear™ by @x_tracted