portable harddrives

[So i havent really been active much due to the fact that my portable harddrive became corrupted, ive lost all my icons, games and personal things on it. Ive been workong on recovering it but things havent been going well. Im semi hiatus across all my blogs due to the fact that ive lost my will to write at the moment with this little issue making things worse. Im slowly working on things but thread work for any blog is gonna be slow. Im sorry, ill try to be around when my mood permits.]

Can someone please tell me which one to get? Or offer other brand alternatives? I need a portable hard drive, but I definitely don’t need an entire TB. Just something for video production work backup/transferring/saving files and such. Was thinking WD was probably the brand to go for, so that’s fine. I just can’t decidddeee/don’t feel informed enough to choose between these two. 

Edit: Just realised one of them doesn’t say ‘for mac’. Could be problematic. I have a mac.