portabella pizza

Trial and Error: Portabella Pizzas

Tonight I tried Fast Paleo’s Portabella Pizzas!


I didn’t take a bunch of pictures because I wanted to punch these mushrooms in the face. I’m not very skilled at scraping out the insides (lack of patience) so I normally end up butchering the mushroom and leaving my kitchen in disarray.


It’s quick! This took me no more than 25-30 minutes. I went with red onions, italian sausage and pineapple because that’s what I was craving but you can use anything. I’m proud of myself for not using cheese but I’ll be honest…I didn’t use it because I wanted a LOT of it, so it was better to have none at all.


She didn’t specify how long to bake them, so I went with 20 minutes, then threw some collards on the side. 

You can’t hold it in the way that you would hold a slice, but it’ll kill the pizza craving and that’s all I wanted! Bonus? I have leftovers.

I look forward to trying it again!