Doctor Who Series 8 filming at Aberavon Beach, Port Talbot on Wednesday, 21st May 2014.

The scenes filmed were for Peter Harness’ episode. Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and guest stars Hermione Norris and Ellis George were present.

Here we see The Doctor, Clara and Ellis George‘s character emerge from the TARDIS wearing orange spacesuits.

(Photos by Steven Price, Amy Husband & Klair Jay).

Skates. They’re just boots with wheels on aren’t they??  For many months after I started roller derby, I was super confused about the different components of a skate. Other skaters would talk at length about plates, cushions and trucks and it would all go over my head. Even worse, I was too embarrassed to ask people to explain it all to me. Above is a little photo I found which makes understanding your skates just that little bit easier.