Kinda long list of Nine/Rose fics

Basically, there’s a very long Ten/Rose list going around. I felt like there needed to be a nice long Nine/Rose list. No doubt I’ve missed some. But hopefully this helps.


One shots

Not Adult

Board Games - How did the Doctor get pulled into playing board games in the first place?

Come Sail Away -  Somewhere in the middle of the Mediterranean, something changes between them.

A Better Man - It was clear Rose was intent on going out, and the TARDIS repairs weren’t finished yet, so he couldn’t just drag her off on a new adventure instead.

Blossoms in the rain - Sometimes a downpour isn’t such a bad thing. Set post-Dalek, in a world where Adam didn’t come along.

Of Sexual Tension and Shipping on the TARDIS - Jack tries to play matchmaker

The Moment I Wake Up - Lazy mornings on the TARDIS

Feel - The Doctor tries to convince himself he’s not becoming attached to Rose

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Next stop on my SA trip was Portland, VIC. It is the oldest European settlement in the state but i felt like i was in Port Kembla, NSW. Right against the water lay giant silos containing wood chips and at night the flood lights shone through the entrances illuminating those golden mountains. 20m high stacks of pine logs beside them delivered the pulpy scent across the water towards the town.


These are old photos from a month or two ago, but I wanted to share them anyways.

This place is called Hill 60An old military battery in Port Kembla, NSW. Built underneath a coastal headland, constructed in 1942 as a submarine and warship defence and lookout. No fences or gates to jump, Hannah and I just walked straight in. Nice open tunnels and a lot of lovely graffiti.