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so i’ve been wanting to upload these scans from bsd wan but i had no time because of- *coughs* college. anyways most of them are my favorite panels especially the port mafia ones >:-) i might scan and upload another so..enjoy! ( ii | iii | iv )

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❝ You’ve never seen a guy with his shirt off? ❞ xD

Tatooine was the worst place to be stranded, especially in the middle of the desert. Rem tried to figure out what was wrong with the ship’s engine, and he swore under his breath as he tried to fix the problem.

It was so damned hot. He’d taken off the duster and any extra clothing he could spare, but it was still stifling in the engine room. His scanner beeped a confirmation; he took one look at it and groaned.

“Gotta go outside,” he told Corso. “Faulty ignition circuit, port engine. I need you to stay here and keep an eye on the scanner. Lemme know if anything changes.”

“You got it, Cap’n. You sure you don’t want me to do it?”

“Nah, I’ll get it fixed in two shakes of a bantha’s tail. Get Bowdaar to tell our resident Jedi that we should be back in the air soon.”


Rem walked down the ramp and the heat hit him full force. He wiped his brow and scanned the port engine to find the cranky circuit. After a few moments, he climbed up on the hull and unlatched the panels. The sun bore down on him and he couldn’t help but swear at how uncomfortable he felt.

So he took off his shirt, and continued to battle with the uncooperative circuit. “C’mon, you piece of farking bantha crap…”


Naya nodded her thanks when Bowdaar told her about the delay. After ten minutes, she went in search of the captain. Corso told her he’d gone outside to fix something on the hull, so that was where she went.

She didn’t see him at first, then she heard the clang of a metal spanner and a whole string of expletives in a heavy drawling Corellian accent. Despite herself, she couldn’t help but chuckle. Perhaps she could help him…

He was somewhere above her, so she looked up. There he was, on the port engine…

Naya blinked. Blinked again. Blinked some more. Her mouth had suddenly gone as dry as the desert sand under her feet.  Heat scorched her cheeks as she saw him, his brow furrowed in concentration, his muscles flexing as he tried to yank a board out of a compartment. He swore again, gritted his teeth and put a final effort into it. It popped free with another clang, and he dropped it like a hot potato. 

“Ow! Son of a–!!” He shook his hand as if he’d burned it, stuck a finger in his mouth, pulled it out and examined it for damage.

Naya swallowed hard, but she couldn’t tear her eyes away. He laughed wryly at himself, then bent to pick up the circuit board he’d dropped. 

And that was when he saw her, as she stood on the ground below him. She froze, like a womp rat in headlights.


He saw her there, standing in the shadows of the ship. Her wide violet-purple eyes stared up at him as if she’d never seen him before. Was she actually blushing??

She must have heard him swearing up a storm. He tried not blush as red as his hair. Aw…crap…Then he reached for his forgotten shirt, and saw her visibly swallow at the motion.

Of course…she was a Jedi. And despite himself, he couldn’t help but tease her a little.  “You’ve never seen a guy with his shirt off?”

Her mouth dropped at his blunt question. “I–I” She snapped her mouth shut, then she tried again. “F-forgive me, Captain. I’ll leave you to your repair work.” Then she turned and fled back into the ship.

Rem bit back a smile. Oh boy, now he’d embarrassed the hell out of her. He had to admit, she was adorable when she blushed purple. Pretty cute. 

He shook his head, and swapped the faulty circuit for a new one. Replacing it into the engine was a lot easier than trying to get it out

He tapped his comm. “Okay, Corso, should be good to go.”

“Okay, Cap’n…is everythin’ all right? The Jedi ran back in here like a bunch of womp rats were on her heels–”

Rem sighed. “I’ll explain later. Get ready to haul jets.”

“You got it.”

He blew out a breath. Now he’d be lucky if she ever talked to him again.

i dont know if someone has done this or not.. actually i forgot to upload this one page from wan, one of my favorite pages, how could i forget this page smh I MEAN LOOK AT THEM- look at the trio! they’re so adorable i just want to hug them and give them milk also cookies ; u ; ( i | ii | iv )

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In Japanese drama series Bloody Monday episode 1 there is some Python code for port scanning.

jgc says: “I have been unable to find the source of this code, but it looks legitimate”.