port of naples

The 10 Best And Worst Cities For Job Growth

Forbes looked at the 200 largest metros by population for its annual feature on the Best Places for Business. While the fastest employment growth areas are concentrated in Florida, the slowest growth places are spread out across states. Metros from eight states rank among the 10 areas with the slowest projected job growth over the next three years. Every one of the 200 metro area is expected to add jobs with the exception of two Louisiana locales, Lafayette and New Orleans, where Moody’s forecasts annual declines of 0.2% and 0.5%.

Even by night, the Port of Naples is alive with shouts and laughter and work-songs, the roar of engines. Brick warehouses loom over the moon-dazzled bay. By day, you try to stay below decks. The sun hits like a hammer, and the wind always seems to come straight from the struggling sewers of the slums.


hannibal killed off anthony dimmond in florence right

so then he cut off the bits he didn’t need, shoved the corpse into a massive trunk, took the massive trunk with him to the train station in a taxi i guess, stayed on the train for approx. 3 hours (4 if we consider the average delay of italian trains), got off the train in Naples, took the 80 kilograms of that wretched, presumably smelly trunk to the Port of Naples somehow, waited under the sun for a ferry to Palermo (which is on an island for those of you who didn’t know), stayed on the ferry FOR APPROX. 10 HOURS with his damned trunk because that is I KID YOU NOT the fastest way to get to palermo from florence, finally got off the ferry in palermo and traveled to the cappella dei normanni?? in another taxi??? where he waited for the night to fall so he could.. fly in through the window i guess and mount the corpse on a tripod

that, ladies and gentlemen, is what i call commitment