port crane

This is a piece I’m working on, that’s about half finished. I’ve got most of the line and colour structure in place, and now I can start giving it a lot of life and volume with shadows and highlights. 

The image itself is of the Port Metro Vancouver shipping cranes at the foot of Main Street in Downtown Vancouver. It’s a pretty neat and recognizable image, and I’m particularly drawn to all the colour varieties of the cargo containers.

Morning at the marina.


I’m starting a new piece that focuses on the shipping cranes at the Port Metro Vancouver shipping yards.

These are located just blocks away from my work, and I was able to photograph them from the rooftop of a local business. 

This is a very introductory stage but I’m already very pleased with the complexities and visual density. However, I’m also realizing this piece may take quite a while to complete :)

The Falcon 9 from the CRS-8 mission atop the Autonomous Spaceport Drone Ship. This photo was taken as support teams approached the ship to safe and secure the booster.

A support ring is placed under the Octaweb engine arrangement and four metal shoes are welded over the tips of each landing strut in order to secure the vehicle for transport back to shore. Additionally, the ASDS’ blue station keeping engines are still active.

Of Course I Still Love You is due back at Port Canaveral sometime today, Monday April 11. SpaceX personnel at the Port have a crane and other equipment standing by to remove the booster and prepare it for transport to LC-39A’s Horizontal Integration Facility. 

Here, SpaceX will inspect the stage for any damages that need to be repaired before performing a static fire. This will validate the recovered rocket’s ability to be reused for a flight, which founder Elon Musk said would occur sometime this summer.

P/c: SpaceX.