port city pop con

Okay, I don’t understand this, so please help explain to me why people, business owners, geeky business owners who could completely benefit, would go out of their way to sabotage a comic book/pop culture convention in their town?  There are at least two comic book store owners in Wilmington, full of themselves to the Nth degree, who, by misinformation or downright sabotage (we know one of them has been removing posters and banned his own business partner from posting anything on the store Facebook page), are trying to mess up Port City Pop Con.

Is it jealousy?  Is it that they didn’t think of it first and are pissed that someone else beat them to it?  I’m legitimately curious.

Today, I was out at the comic book stores telling people about the con, handing out fliers.  The owner walks up to me and says “You know I have an event the same weekend.”  And it wasn’t a question, it was a statement of fact.  Here’s the thing, I’ve been talking to this guy since March about the con and possibly getting a table or sponsorship deal, and this was the FIRST and ONLY time I’ve heard him mention it.  He says he’s “had this event (a dollar box sale) the weekend after Free Comic Book Day for thirteen years.”  Well then, WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY THAT WHEN I FIRST MENTIONED THE CON TO YOU!?  I gave you the dates, you knew what weekend it was, so why is it that you just now thought you’d share this information.

And, of course, the reason he told me this was because he didn’t want me promoting another (better, in my opinion) event that is in competition with his.  But, seriously, people can’t do both?  The people you’re pulling in for your dollar box sale are the locals, we got people from out of town who aren’t going to know or care about your little sale because they aren’t travelling across Wilmington when all the celebrities are going to be downtown.  Plus, you had numerous chances to sign up with us and have your sale DURING THE CON!  That’s not better?  Really?

Then when he said “it’s not like you guys invited me down to pass out fliers for my event,” my response was simply, “I’m sure you could!”

Of course, that answer didn’t work for him because he’s already constructed this narrative of “these guys are trying to screw my business by throwing their stupid convention.”

His initial response and constant opinion of buying a table has always been, “why would I do that when people can just drive over here to my store?”  Because, genius, half the people coming are either not going to have a car, or not want to go all the way across town for comics when there will be vendors AT THE CON!

Fine, tell you what, we’ll keep growing bigger each year, and you don’t even get the courtesy of a phone call.  You’ve already pissed off the guys in charge, so it’s not like you’ll be welcome in the future.

Oh, and to the guy taking down posters and pissing off his business partner; the dude is three times your size, brother.  You really think screwing him over is the right call here?