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Mayan History (Part 57): Tulum

Tulum is on the east coast of the Yucatán Peninsula.  It was built on 12m-high cliffs.

During the Postclassic Period [950-1200], Tulum was a major port for the city of Cobá, further inland.  It had walls (unlike most Mayan cities) – 6m thick in some places, and 4.5-6.0m tall.  It has five narrow openings, which can fit one person at a time.  Tulum was on trade routes both on land and sea, especially for obsidian.

Tulum was ruled over by Mayapan.  It seems to have been an important site for the worship of the Diving/Descending god.  Their population was 1,000-1,600.

The city survived for about 70 years after the Spanish arrived, which was unusual.  By the end of the 1500’s, it had been abandoned completely.

The Temple of the Frescoes was an observatory for tracking the sun’s movements.  It has a lower gallery, and a smaller 2nd-storey gallery. Its façade has depictions of the Mayan diving-god.

Temple of the Frescoes.

The Temple of the Diving God is smaller, and in the central part of the site.  It is called that because the diving-god is depicted in stucco on the western wall.

Temple of the Diving God.

El Castillo is a 7.5m-tall pyramid.  It was built in stages, on an already-existing building.  There is a small shrine, which would have been used as a beacon for incoming trade canoes.  It lines up exactly with a break in the barrier reef, through which the canoes would enter a cove and landing beach.

El Castillo.

The ruins from the air.

Looking towards the harbour.


We have a lot of amazing people who play a lot of amazing characters, but the harbor is filled with secondary characters that are just as lovable! Here is a list of some of our amazing NPCS and their authors. 


Tanis - Sin’dorei (Elle’s son, bookworm, Ruckus’ Apprentice) 14

 Recently rescued, fiercely protective of his sister, usually found either attached to Ruckus’ hip or helping out with the construction of Merchant Alley.

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Alise - Sin’dorei (Elle’s daughter, animal lover, Dalen’s Apprentice) 12 

Recently rescued, painfully skittish, usually found either absorbing Dalen’s every word or attending to the various animal and plant life around the Harbor. 

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Dalen - Sin’dorei (Scribe, Jewelcrafter, Mage)

 Elle’s consignee –accountant, secretary, portal jockey, fussy mother hen. Not nearly as young as he appears or as his shy nature would suggest. To call him a ‘bookworm’ would be a gross understatement. 

Ruckus - Orc (Captain, Warrior, Blacksmith, Armorer)

 Elle’s fiercely loyal, self-appointed bodyguard. Always up for a good-natured spar or brawl. Forever teasing Dalen about being a ‘twig’, and Elle about having a stick up her ass. Looks like a grizzly bear, acts like a teddy bear.

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RayRay - Sin’dorei/Kal’dorei Hybrid (Whore, Addict, Healer) 

The only truly interesting info about this lil whore: She sports a single tattoo -a golden serpent that tail rests atop her left foot, the body coils around her leg, wraps around her waist, travels diagonally across her back, coils around her right arm, and finally comes to an end where the head rests on the back of her right hand, its forked tongue on her middle finger.



Galirond | Half-Elf | Captain

A reasonable fellow, Gali is the recently promoted Captain of The Adoration. He is a hard-assed captain, but a generally kind guy. Can be found frequenting The Empress, and even working there in his spare time. Branded member of Mortua Sol.

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Tress Harton| Human | Manager of The Hanged Man

Red-headed firecracker, low-key lesbian, shot-gun wielding bad ass. Try to pull one over in her bar and she will literally blow someone’s head off. Branded member of Mortua Sol. 

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Thomas ‘Tommy’ Flint| Human | Shipwright and Spy

Affectionate, sweet, foolish, and a hopeless romantic. Tommy is known for carting around way more guns than needed. While he might not be the brightest, he is loyal and protective of Dead Sunners. Branded member of Mortua Sol

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Hector and Jenna Stone | Humans | Enforcers

29 & 27

Over-zealous, Violent, Excitable. These two are never far from one another. You won’t find these two among patrols, as they are generally used as ‘problem solvers’. Branded members of Mortua Sol.

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ISIS Claims 2 Deadly Explosions at Egyptian Coptic Churches on Palm Sunday
The bombings, which killed at least 40 people and injured dozens of others, happened weeks before Pope Francis was to visit Egypt
By Magdy Samaan and Declan Walsh

Two explosions at Coptic churches in Egypt on Palm Sunday left at least 40 people dead and injured dozens of others as a day of worship in the besieged Christian community turned to destruction and carnage.

The first blast ripped through St. George’s Church in northern Egypt in the Nile Delta city of Tanta, 50 miles north of Cairo, during a Mass about 9:30 a.m., according to an official from the Health Ministry. The deputy minister of health put the death toll at 27.

Hours later, a suicide bomber set off an explosion outside the main Coptic church in Alexandria, St. Mark’s Cathedral, killing at least 13 — including three police officers — and injuring 21 others, the Health Ministry said.

The explosions followed a number of attacks by Islamic State militants targeting Egypt’s minority Christians. And on Sunday, the group claimed responsibilty for both bombings.

An online statement shared by sympathizers and attributed to the militants said: “A security detachment of the Islamic State carried out the attacks against the two churches in the cities of Tanta and Alexandria.”

The bombings happened weeks before Pope Francis was to visit Egypt, and a week before Easter.

The second attack took place while worshipers at St. Mark’s were leaving at the end of Palm Sunday Mass. The service had been led by the Coptic pope, Tawadros II. The pope had already left when the explosion happened.

Photos from St. George’s circulating on social media showed scenes of blood and devastation inside. Initial reports said that the explosion occurred in the pews near the front of the church, and that many of the dead were children.

A security official told the state news agency they believed the blast had been caused by an explosive device planted inside the church.

After the first blast, President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi ordered military hospitals to treat the injured, Sky News Arabia reported.

Eyewitnesses said that an angry crowd outside the church in Tanta attacked a young man they accused of being involved in the attack.

After that explosion, the provincial governor, Ahmad Deif, told the state-run Nile News channel, “Either a bomb was planted or someone blew himself up.”

Christians, mostly Orthodox Copts, account for about 10 percent of Egypt’s population, which is predominantly Sunni Muslim.

In December, the Islamic State claimed responsibility for a suicide attack on a chapel in the grounds of St. Mark’s Cathedral, the main Coptic Church in Cairo, killing at least 28 people.

In February, hundreds of Christians fled northern Sinai, where the Egyptian Army is fighting a local Islamic State affiliate, following a targeted campaign of violence and intimidation.

In 2011, a suicide bombing ripped through a throng of worshipers outside a Coptic Christian church in the port city of Alexandria, killing at least 21 people in one of the worst attacks against Egypt’s Christian minority.

Earlier this month, an explosion near a police training center in the Nile Delta city injured 13 officers.

Francis’ planned trip to the country is seen as an opportunity to improve ties between Christians and Muslims. The pontiff is to visit with Mr. Sisi; the leader of the Coptic Orthodox Church; and the grand imam of Al Azhar, a 1,000-year-old mosque and university that is revered by Sunni Muslims.

In a news conference to provide details about the trip on Friday, the Catholic archbishop of Egypt, Bishop Emmanuel, said that the pope’s pending journey was a signal that Egypt is safe for visitors.

On Sunday, Francis said in response to the first bombing: “We pray for the victims of the attack carried out today, this morning, in Cairo, in a Coptic church.”

He called the leader of the Coptic Christians his “brother” and expressed his “deep condolences” to the church and the Egyptian nation.

The archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, also responded in a post on Twitter: “As we come to Easter, pray for victims, the justice of the cross, hope & healing of resurrection.”

In a Twitter post, a spokesman for the Egyptian Foreign Affairs Ministry, Ahmed Abu Zeid, said, “Terrorism hits Egypt again.”


Chalcedony Statuette of a Herm of Herakles, Roman Imperial, 2nd Century AD

While sculptures of bronze and marble are among the most well-known artistic legacies of Greece and Rome, ancient artists also produced fine works of sculpture in other materials such as terracotta, ivory, gold, silver, glass, and rare or semi-precious stone. Some artists possessed the remarkable skills needed to transform hard stone into miniature sculpture worthy of comparison with the finest works in bronze and marble. This extraordinary and finely made statuette of Herakles is just such an object. It stands out as a masterwork, even when considered among the small number of other stone statuettes that are known, and testifies to the superior talent of artists who created such luxuria during the Roman Imperial Period. This type of herm representing Herakles first appears in the Greek Hellenistic period and becomes prevalent during Roman Imperial times. This herm is supported by a golden pedestal of 18th century date, following a custom of the time for mounting such rare objects.

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The poor receptionists

So my players are in a port city after finding out they got some business there. The party consists of a half elf bard, half elf rogue, a monk taxabi(catfolk), a monk kenku, and a human wizard\warlock.

The offices they go to are right next to each other. At the first office, in the main lobby the kenku and monk harass the gnome receptionist by pretending to shoot the kenku and the kenku making annoying noises. When they go to the second office, the receptionist there (the first ones twin sister) did her best to ignore them to deny a audiance with a academic counsol (they insulted the wizard’s sanity).

Receptionist: (ignores)

Taxabi: i jump on the desk and nuzzle her face. (Proceeds to act this out by nuzzling my face).

Kenku: While she does that i’m going to make random noises that annoy people. (Acts out some sounds)

Bard: i sit on her desk and play every catchy song i can think of on my harp. (Sings some fricking song)

Wizlock: i start shouting all the reasons why i should be allowed an audiance. (Proceeds to act THIS out.)

Rogue (sitting next to me, acting this all out): *leans in* i can make them stop, just give us entry and an audience… (Repeats similar phrases).

This goes on for a bit, the gnome somehow ignoring them all. They do not pause in their acting in character the entire time. Then the taxabi remembers that she is wearing eyes of charming.

TM: i lean in front of her and cast charm person with my glasses. “Click”

Gnome passes the wisdom save.

TM: i lean in closer… And try again. “Click.”

Gnome passes again, barely this time.

TM: “Click.”

The Poor receptionist gets a nat 1, which they all see since they are all literally watching me roll.

They cheer as i shout in frustration but laugh at the same time. I am thinking of how to do this as they contiune on, then i smirk as i then shout out as loud as I can…


I never seen them so happy to until then. I love my group so much.


Providence : The Wanderer docked in the port of Providence

Hello everyone !

Some pictures of the Wanderer in the port of Providence.

The ships are getting bigger and bigger. I will now work on the last one, a Man’o’War, which will be the central element in the port of Providence.

Stay connected !

Real life, I’m sad to see you go.

This was supposed to be a painting for Adam’s birthday but I finished it last night and couldn’t make myself wait to upload it. Actually, I started on this last year and it was gonna be for his 30th but oh well… better late than never haha 

If I could say something directly to Adam, I could just sum it all up with a “thank you.” He’s been such a wonderful, positive, and uplifting presence/influence in my life for like 7 or 8 years now…in so many ways. From inspiring the vast majority of my artwork and stories in the past few years, to helping me cope with the harsh world and reality, making me feel like I’m not alone, to helping me recognize what a Holiness man should be like(and a Christian in general), reminding me of what’s important and always making me laugh! 

It’s such a blessing to have Adam’s music (and Adam) in my life and I honestly, truly, madly, deeply have no idea where I would even be right now if it (and he) wasn’t. Adam Young and his projects have become such a large and important element woven into the fabric of my life that if I don’t shut up now I won’t stop talking about it. :P

Cities ruled by...:

Did you know that countries and cities are ruled by zodiac signs?

A natal chart or birth chart is produced for a place when it’s founded or established.


Leicester, Florence, Krakow, Naples, Utrecht, Marseilles, Birmingham (UK)


Eastbourne, Hastings, Palermo, Lucerne, Leipzig, Dublin, St. Louis


Cardiff, London, Nuremberg, Tripoli, San Francisco, Melbourne, Plymouth


Amsterdam, Manchester, Milan, New York, Stockholm, Tokyo, Venice, York


Bath, Bristol, Bombay, Chicago, Madrid, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Rome


Athens, Paris, Boston, Toulouse, Corinth, Lyons, all spas and health resorts


Antwerp, Lisbon, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Johannesburg, Vienna, Nottingham


Baltimore, Cincinnati, New Orleans, Liverpool, Newcastle, Washington DC


Budapest, Naples, Nottingham, Sheffield, Sunderland, Stuttgart, Toronto


Brandenberg, Brussels, Oxford, Ghent, Delhi, Mexico City, Port Said


Bremen, Brighton, Hamburg, Helsinki, Moscow, Salzburg, St. Petersburg


Alexandria, Cowes, Grimsby, Jerusalem, Bournemouth, Seville, Warsaw