porsche tuner


Hamburg’s little urban outlaw „Matze Walter" also likes to refine his classic Porsche 911 to something greater: maybe a RS, definitely an early nine-eleven with cool rallye-bling-bling like Cibié-headlights, modified tail lights, a monster exhaust system and much else. It’s hard for me to look at this car and not get emotional…


BB-Mercedes CW 311, 1979. Eberhard Schulz, an ex-Porsche engineer, and  tuner Rainer Buchmann from bb Auto Exklusiv Service together created the CW 311 (the name references the cars’s drag con-efficient of 0.311) using both Mercedes and Porsche parts. Powered by a mid-placed Mercedes 6.3 litre V8 the concept was supposed to be a successor to the gullwing Mercedes Benz 300SL of the 1950s. Though the prototype bore a Mercedes star Mercedes had had nothing to do with the cars development and no interest in “adopting” it. Schulz produced the car himself from 1984, badged as an Isdera Imperator