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*Does a dramatic turn* Tetra.... I pose you the most important question of the century.... Who is your fav Mystic messenger Husbando? Personally I'm team 707. Also, Will you ever draw someone from mystic messenger? I love your art so much ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

*faints for the dramatic turn*
Well, I’ve started with yoonsun route and all can I say is he’s not my type. It bothers me how loyal is, in a “having no personality” sense. But he’s cute, whatever, my fav for the moment is Seven too.
I find Zen cute as well, I hated him at first because he was SO narcisist and pushy… Buuut?? It seems that it was just a facade. I was actually doodling him as a warm-up lol, i would like to draw something, yup.


(( I was working on the update today while my cousins watched this kid show “Goldie and Bear”, which is basically goldilocks living with three bears, and I couldn’t help but to think of the Dreemurrs and Chara

So I drew up a weird crossover that I never thought I’d see pfft ))

(( Also, I drew “Porri the Porridge” before, cause it made me laugh, but I wasn’t able to post it ))

For the third time that day, Hidan slithered down onto the cold tiles of the disgusting bathroom floor, groaning in misery as he clung to the toilet like his life depended on it.

He was never, ever following Kakuzu on his bounty hunts again.

Oh yes, the whole thing had started when his shit-for-brains partner decided it was a good idea to just waltz into a small hospital to pluck one of its patients straightout of their deathbed and drop them off to the station.

Now this would’ve been all fine and fuckin’ dandy had it not been for the fact that when they arrived, the place was swarming with people coughing and sneezing in each others’ faces, sharing germs and illnesses as the winter season fast approached. Hidan had done his best to avoid touching anything, but naturally, luck had chosen to send all his efforts down the drain once again.

“What are you doing?” The sound of Kakuzu’s voice was too loud in the Jashinist’s ears, and he turned around to see the older man blocking the entrance to the shitty bathroom of their motel room.

“Kak’zu, help me,” Hidan gurgled out. “I think I’m dyin’.”

“Rubbish. Why are you on the floor like that?”

“You f-fuckin’ kidding!? D'you not see how I’m–” He couldn’t finish that sentence because his belly lurched once more, and Hidan clawed his way back up and thrust his head back into the toilet, just in time before retching violently.

“Unbelievable,” came the blunt retort from above as Hidan collapsed back onto the tiles, limbs trembling. He caught a blurry glimpse of Kakuzu’s unamused stare, his nose creased slightly more with disgust. “Who would’ve thought you capable of such human weakness.” There was definite sarcasm now, but as of the current moment the Jashinist couldn’t even bring himself to be angered, despite everything being this man’s fault.

“F-fuck, everything h-h-hurts.” Clenching his jaw did nothing to stop his teeth from chattering. Hidan could barely form coherent words with the way he constantly felt hot and cold at the same time, perspiration beading on his already clammy forehead, and how even the slightest brush of any object against his skin would basically set his nerves ablaze. It wasn’t even the good kind of pain, either. He was suffering in his own little world, all by himself. “K-Kakuzu, do something!”

“It’s not my fault you were careless,” Kakuzu replied. “It’s just a flu. Don’t be a child about it.”

J-Just a–!? You s-shithead, you d-don’t know w-w-what it f-feels like!” Oh Jashin, he was speaking too loudly, now he needed to puke again. Even though he was fairly certain he’d already hurled out a good portion of his intestines by now. Emitting a weird, strangled noise from the back of his throat, Hidan wrestled his way up towards the toilet seat again like a zombie climbing out of its grave. His stomach convulsed so harshly–holy fuck, this was what Hell was like–that Hidan felt tears welling in the corners of his eyes.

“It serves you right,” his partner was saying. “You need to learn how to stop taking things for granted and be grateful for the things you have.”

Fucking, Jashin-damned Kakuzu. Despite the onslaught of mind-numbing nausea, the burn of bile in his throat, and churning stomach cramps, Hidan felt his drenched face flush even hotter with fury. If it wasn’t for the fact that opening his quivering mouth would most likely result in the expulsion of his entrails, he would definitely give a good spiel of his own. How dare the bastard have the audacity to lecture him, now of all times? Here he was, vomiting out his organs and despite having five hearts the man just couldn’t spare a single one for this moment. It was really getting hard to resist the temptation of just slaughtering the motherfucker for Jash–

Before he could fully complete that thought, he felt the pull of gravity suddenly becoming too much to withstand, and he was out before his head hit the floor.


Hidan jerked awake when the sensation of something extremely cold slid across his face. For a few seconds he spluttered blindly, eyelids too swollen to open properly. He tried to take a deep breath, but he was interrupted when suddenly it felt like his airway was filled with water instead of oxygen. The Jashinist began coughing up a huge storm, each hack sending sharp stabbing pains that vibrated in his skull.

“Stop it.” Kakuzu’s voice abruptly sounded out of nowhere, and much too close for Hidan’s personal comfort; he jumped, prying open his bleary eyes to find his partner scowling irritably down at him.

He finally realized that he was in his own futon, pillow stuffed with a cloak so that his head was raised higher.  He could feel hot bottles of water placed in random places under the sheets, and every inch of his limbs ached.

And so naturally, everything about this set-up was unfamiliar and frightening. “Wh’ th'fuck–!?” he slurred loudly, pausing to cough some more. “Wh'rr’m I!?”

“Back at the base,” Kakuzu replied. “Calm your ass down. You’re making it worse.”

Hidan moaned with despair and, sapped of all energy, slumped back into his pillow. “Wh’ ‘appned?”

“You passed out,” Kakuzu said flatly, although there was thunder in his eyes, “in a puddle of your own sick. I thought you were putting up a show, but evidently I was wrong. Lying on a cold bathroom floor didn’t help your cause, it seems. On top of the stomach flu, you now have bronchitis.”

“Wh’t the–!? Y-you–how long did y'fuckin’ leave m'there!?”

“I hope you realize how far behind this sets us back,” snarled Kakuzu, ignoring the Jashinist completely. “Leader is revoking our chance to accept that infiltration mission, and is flat out refusing to offer any other tasks until you fully recover. Which also happens to be my responsibility, as no one else in the organization likes wasting their time babying a goddamn immortal out of a stupid cold!”

Stop yellin’ in m'face!” Hidan screamed, and immediately regretted it, because his vocal cords felt like they were being shredded. He twisted and dry-heaved for a bit, panting heavily in exhaustion. “Jus’ stop… ohhh… Jashin…”

The older man pinched the bridge of his nose, visibly struggling to gather his composure while emitting a huge sigh. “Do us all a favor and shut up for now.” For once, the Jashinist did as told. He lay back and watched out of the corner of his vision as Kakuzu soaked a fresh towel with water from the basin he set next to him, and mopped up the sweat from Hidan’s brow, neck, and arms. Each wipe was painful as hell–like rubbing sandpaper over his skin–but he grit his teeth through it all. He tried not to look at the dark expression on his partner’s face as he leaned over Hidan to reach something on the other side.

“Open up.” The older man was hovering something long and thin over his nose. “A bit more. For fuck’s sake, Hidan, not enough to break your jaw. Now I’m–no, don’t bite it! Keep it under your tongue–press down–yes, like that.”

Hidan glared feebly at Kakuzu, who was dully watching the red marker rise on the thermometer sticking out of the Jashinist’s mouth. It had finally occured to him how humiliating this entire set-up was, and just the thought of it definitely would have contributed an extra degree or two to his body temperature. But for some strange reason, Kakuzu had yet to make fun of him, or mention anything derogatory about the situation. And damn it, he hoped it would stay that way.

With the thermometer removed, Kakuzu placed the wet towel over his forehead and stood up. Hidan saw him walk out of his peripheral vision, and five minutes later returned with a small tray. On it was placed something that smelled absolutely putrid and foul, so much that he felt like puking again. “Th’ hell is tha’!?”

“It’s your medicine, you twit.” Having returned to his original position by Hidan’s side, the reek was even stronger than ever. He caught a glimpse of the horrifically black fluid sloshing around in the too-large bowl. “Brewed with velvet antler. Do you have any clue how rare and expensive this is?” Without warning, Kakuzu reached out and tilted Hidan’s head upright and all but shoved the rim of the bowl against his lips. “Now drink.”

“W-wait! Kak–” The Jashinist choked as his mouth and nose was flooded with the repulsive substance, and while he swallowed most of it out of reflex, the taste was utterly revolting. He couldn’t help it; he spluttered, coughed, and retched, some of it flying across the room while the rest dribbled down his chin and onto Kakuzu’s hand.

Hidan closed his eyes, waiting for the beating that was sure to come any second now. But seconds passed by with nothing, and to his shock, it never arrived. When he opened his eyes again, he saw the older man wordlessly wiping himself with the towel, mouth pressed into a thin line.

“I-I can’t–” Hidan spluttered shakily, suddenly feeling weirdly guilty in his feverish, delusional state. “S'really hard, Kak'zu–”

One look from his partner shut him up. “You just wasted about three pinches of that antler powder, which costs two hundred per pinch. Let’s try again, and you will,” Hidan felt his blood run cold at the ominous murder that gleamed in Kakuzu’s eyes, “finish every last drop.”

In the end, he really did end up finishing every last drop of it. After that the older man seemed less willing to slaughter the next breathing thing that dared to move out of its place, which was nice. He’d exited from the room to let the Jashinist find some much needed sleep, only to return five hours later with more of the disgusting concoction in his hand.

Hidan had quietly wondered if Kakuzu was deriving much enjoyment out of watching him suffer like this. But it was hard to tell, because he would sometimes notice the dark bags under his partner’s eyes and wrinkled clothes as he bustled in and out of the Jashinist’s room. The general way he carried himself didn’t speak much about him, except that he was tired.

Well, Hidan was too busy with trying to keep his porridge down, and not vomit all over Kakuzu’s chest every time he was jostled to have his sweat-soaked sheets changed for fresh ones, thank you very much. He didn’t have much room to be concentrating on any other thought but that.

Ah well, this wasn’t so bad; considering all the different ways he could have lost his dignity forever, it could have gone worse.


Salmone rosolato avvolto nei porri di Cervere, su crema di pere e prosecco.

Per fare questa ricetta sarà necessario buttarsi in un fiume ghiacciato in Norvegia con un coltello tra i denti e aggredire selvaggiamente un Salmone. Questa esperienza, più divertente di prenderli al volo come gli orsi o al banco frigo all’Esselunga vi farà apprezzare maggiormente il piatto finito. Quindi sventrare il salmone (quelli nella foto erano 10-12 kg l’uno), sfilettarli e tagliare delle sezioni di filetto.

A parte, sbollentare del porro (quello di Cervere è molto dolce, lo trovo nel cuneese… voi fate col porro che trovate, evitate magari quello troppo spesso perché troppo forte). Quindi raffreddare il porro in acqua fredda (o acqua e ghiaccio) e avvolgervi il salmone.

Rosolare i tocchetti di salmone e a seconda dello spessore (e di quanto li preferiate cotti) passatelo in forno a 200°C per 10-15 minuti.

Per la crema di pere, sbucciare e saltare in padella con una noce di burro delle pere ridotte a cubetti. Quindi aggiungere prosecco (o spumante) e far ridurre cuocendo ulteriormente le pere. Aggiustare di sale ed aggiungere un po’ di timo fresco, quindi frullare.

Servire il pezzo di salmone ben caldo su una cucchiaiata di crema di pere.