ruth isnt fair at all
  • mathers: more like
  • mathers: kankri and porrim anything
  • oppa gamzee style: p much
  • oppa gamzee style: "I want her in every quadrant like a desperate f99l."
  • mathers: screams at u
  • oppa gamzee style: dies from fangirling XD
  • mathers: why do you do this to me
  • oppa gamzee style: because
  • oppa gamzee style: i am fangirl
  • oppa gamzee style: you are fangirl
  • oppa gamzee style: we must ignite the feels
  • mathers: ok
  • mathers: has feelings
  • oppa gamzee style: gives more feelings
  • oppa gamzee style: kankri and porrim right before they die
  • oppa gamzee style: kankri and porrim making out for the first time
  • mathers: screams

teefarino  asked:

-whispers- porrim/kankri

when i started shipping it: my mind definitely went there the first time i read openbound but i didn’t really let it be a big Thing until you talked me into it to be honest. so maybe january?

my thoughts: i’ll admit that it’s just erikan 2.0 but i love it. i’m not even sure if i ship it properly pale— maybe black/pale but i just want her to fuss over him. belligerently. forever.

maybe she does it to everyone; maybe he enables her more than anyone else; maybe she fixates on him because he causes her so much secondhand embarrassment, and because he’s the only other person who’s interested in politics and she wants to convince him, because whoever heard of a maryam who DIDN’T want to fix everyone, right? we just don’t know whether she cared about his opinions first or the stains on his clothes.

what makes me happy about them: that there’s a dynamic in homestuck which is CANONICALLY all about a sexy independent lady and the childish overly idealistic boy she’s made into her responsibility? that is everything i’ve ever wanted. EVER.

what makes me sad about them: the only thing to be sad about is that they haven’t had enough screen time

things done in fanfic that annoys me: hahaha idk if i’ve ever FOUND any porkri fic sighhh

things i look for in fanfic: FOR IT TO EXIST mostly like jfc teefarino have you found any good fic for porkri? or even any… mediocre fic for porkri?

but if it DID exist i would just hope for as little genuine fluff and as little porn as possible? i want more of their canon dynamic, not an actual healthy relationship pffff

who i’d be comfortable with them ending up with, if not each other: #cronus. both of them just. cronus

my happily ever after for them: kankri is physically incapacitated to such a degree that he doesn’t have the energy to talk over her; she is extremely condescending about doting over him and tells him about all her theories on women’s rights, and he’s so out of it that he agrees just to get her out of his hair. they never speak of it again.

what is their favorite non-sexual activity: pssh what are you kidding they don’t ENJOY each other’s company, that’s absolutely ludicrous