Artist: Compass
Track: Porrima

Great release, perfect to end a long set

Request Update


Kabuto - IGN Fuzion

Sneasel - IGN Sharkie

Zapdos - IGN Sofia

Elgyem - IGN Kannon

Buneary - IGN Porsha

Talonflame - IGN Jaws

Slugma - IGN Alice

Togepi - IGN Cherub

Escavalier - IGN Kriot

Glaceon - IGN Xaais

Waiting for more information

All good for now! c:

I will be working on these requests in no particular order today and will post updates whenever a pokémon is ready. I hope to have all of them ready by Sunday, but I ask for your patience and understanding if they take an extra day or two. I just got a cat today, things are hectic. x-x

Thanks for submitting your requests, hope you all have a good weekend!