054-PHLIPPIN [Flipper-Dolphin]
-The Swimmer pokemon
-Ability: Cloud Nine - Hydratation(HA)
-Dex: “This playful pokemon adores floating around the surface of water on a sunny day, even developing a lifesaver-like air bag around its waist to keep itself afloat without any extra effort. This pokemon can deflate this air bag at will allowing and once it is free underwater it shows an incredible swimming technique that rivals with those of professional swimmers.”
    -Water gun
    -Aqua Ring
    -Water Sport

–>Evolves at lv. 25<–

055-JETACEAN [Jet-Cetacean]
-The Supersonic Pokemon
-Ability:  Swift Swim - Drizzle(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon is extremely smart and has evolved to be extremely fast on water, where he can easily outspeed a powerboat. This pokemon move in groups where they communicate with telepathic powers, sometimes they can even communicate with humans, as many sailors has mentioned in their stories.”
    -Zen Headbutt
    -Aqua Jet

–>Evolves at lv. 25 holding a Casteliacone <–

194-NARVOREAL [Narwhal-Boreal]
-The Icebreaker Pokemon
-Ability:  Slush Rush - Snow Warning(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon is adapted to icy water, with a body design to move through the thick layers of ice, using its drill and ice covered fins to break it. This pokemon drill is incredibly valuable for its toughness and impermeability, some people say they can drill even through the hull of an aircraft carrier.”
    -Horn Drill
    -Drill Run

–>Evolves at lv. 25 at night, holding a Rare Bone<–

195-VAQUIJIRA [Vaquita-Bake Kujira]
-The Extinction Pokemon
-Ability:  Shadow Tag - Serene Grace(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon has become a legend among both trainers and fishermen, believed to only exist in old tales due to it being impossible to be found on the wild. This Ghostly spirit is a gentle soul who shrouds itself in the bones of fallen sea creatures, appearing only after dark to conceal its soft body. Its is surrounded by an unsettling aura, which attracts some mysterious pokemon.”
    -Water Spout
    -Ominous Wind
    -Skull Bash
    -Phantom Force

Feeling the hustle and bustle of the holiday season? You’re not alone! The Dall’s porpoise, here spotted in Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary, is sometimes called a “high strung” cetacean, and is one of the fastest-swimming porpoises on Earth. These small marine mammals can reach speeds of up to 30 knots, or 34 miles per hour! We wish you the same hustle as you cruise through your holiday preparations. 

(Photo: Jim Cotton)

One Day At a Time - my sleepless night falling in love with this show

Warning: this is filled with spoiler cause I can’t control myself

Okay, so little story time. It was 1:30am of January 10th 2017, I decide to open netflix to watch just one more episode of some silly show before sleeping, just one (yes, I lie to myself all the time). But as soon as I opened it there was an add for their new comedy “one day at a time”, now I didn’t know what it was about. Gina Rodriguez (my love, my life) has tweeted about it and I had seen some stuff going around tumblr, but I hadn’t given much thought to it. However the synopsis grab my attention and I decided to start it, what harm could watch an episode do? Apparently a lot since one episode turned into thirteen and 1:30am turned into 10:00am and no sleep at all.

The show deals with a Cuban veteran mom (Penelope Alvarez, wonderfully played by Justina Machado) who’s getting a divorce and is trying to raise her two kids, Elena, 14 (played by Isabella Gomez) and Alex, 12 (Marcel Ruiz) with the help of her mother, Lydia (the incomparable Rita Moreno).

Now, it seams like some kinda of mix between full house and jane the virgin and it’s totally my type of thing.

Whining the first minutes you get the vibe of the show. It’s lighthearted, it has track laughs and if I weren’t watching it in my iphone I would think I was back to the 90s and the best comedy shows there were. The laugh track aren’t annoying, they are placed in the right moments do it’s not over used and whoever is watching will be laughing along. The jokes are very well delivered and everyone’s timing is amazing. And the drama, boy the drama, it’s not over the top, it’s real, this is like watching real people (except these are a lot more funny than real life people) react to these subjects. And I’m in love with the writing.

Now, I’m not Cuban. I’m Brazilian. Some people will believe that I felt represented in the show because it’s about Latinos and I’m Latina. I don’t feel represented, not because of this reason, Cuban doesn’t represent me. Cuban people being portrayed in tv represent real life Cuban people. That’s it. I hate the term Latino and all the implications it brings (but that’s a whole other post).

With that being said I can’t express how I adore Elena and her relationship with Penelope. Mostly because of her storyline but also because it’s so much like me and my mom and I envy her so much for what she has in the end.

Throughout the episodes the show explores all kind of sensitive subjects in a very real and light way. It does et heavy at times but it knows how to dose it so it’s just the right amount.

We see these three women battle sexism, oppression, their own insecurities, their worse fears coming true, figuring who they are in life and what the Cuban culture means to them.

I could spend hours talking about this show, but out of the 13 episodes that I binge watched today 4 of them truly stuck with me.

The first was episode 3 “no mass”, Lydia, the catholic one wants everyone to go to church every Sunday and Penelope is struggling to understand if she even believes in god. They have this huge fight, Lydia even leaves the house, but the show never chooses a side, they both have opinions if they should go to church or not but, the thing is, they both are right and the episode shows it. Everyone is entitled to their own believes and religion.

The second one was episode 7 “hold, please” Penelope tries to schedule a medical appointment via the VA. this episode is very light in the drama, in a non-netflix show I’d call it a filer but there’s something about it that grabbed me. I don’t know if it’s that annoying waiting song (you know the one) that plays throughout the whole episode, the frustration coming trough Penelope for not being able to get the appointment or the fact that this episode kick starts my favorite plot of the season, in a very light matter. Now, Elena, thinking she’s alone wonders out loud if she’s into girls, her brother overhears and she, understandable, freaks out and tells him not to say anything about it to anyone. His reaction? Remember this is a 12 year old boy. He says he won’t say anything, but he doesn’t understand why won’t she, it doesn’t change anything, it’s nothing wrong.

The third one was episode 10 “sex talk”. Penelope finds a threesome porn video in Alex computer which leads to several awkward conversations, much doesn’t happen during the episode is mostly Penelope having awkward conversations, and mistakenly assuming the wrong person was the one watching the porn. She finally lands on Elena, having excluded everyone else, and doesn’t know how to approach. When she finally does approach Elena she’s still confused about why her daughter was watching a threesome, why she was watching porn at all. While their conversation unfolds Penelope is relieved to find out Elena is not having sex yet and starts to tell her how one day she’ll find love when the right boy shows up. Elena tries several times to come out, they aren’t real attempts they were more her testing the water, so she finally tells her mom. When she thinks about loving someone she thinks about loving a woman. And it’s such a sweet scene, told almost by Elena pov (the whole show is Penelope pov), we all sign in relieve when Penelope says of course she’s okay with it.

The fourth, and last, is the finale episode 13 “quinces”. Elena’s quincenheira (my Spanish is bad but I think that’s who it’s spelled) and Penelope wants to make it perfect for her daughter and tries to make her ex not ruin everything by being a homophobic pig. He almost ruins it, but in the end Elena, dressed in a suit instead of a dress, has people who get her and if he’s not there it’s his lost, she has her mom to do the father-daughter dance, because she gets her daughter.

I said I saw myself in Elena, I didn’t just see myself in her, I was her. The kid everyone thinks is weird, who struggles to figure out her sexuality while trying to hide it from everyone cause what if they start hating me?, who defends women and tries to show her mom how sexism isn’t only big stuff, it’s mostly small stuff we don’t think twice of, that was me. Still is me. And I would bet a thousand (I would bet more but I’m completely broke) bucks that there’s plenty of young girls watching this show and identifying with Elena and drawing courage from her to be who they are meant to be. Me, a 21 years old woman, am doing it. I finish the show and all I wanted was to come out to my mom and have the same reaction from her that Elena had from Penelope. I didn’t do it, couldn’t. My mom is not like Penelope, but maybe someday she’ll get there and I’ll be able to tell her. I hope this story, along with Alex Danvers story in supergirl, inspire wlw everywhere to be who they are meant to be.

I wrote all of these and I barely touched the importance of Cuban culture and female relationships on this show. They incorporate the culture in a way that’s not “trying too hard”, it’s there, it’s part of who they are and they won’t let you forget it and it’s beautiful. And every single female relationship in the show is supportive. I can’t think of one that’s not.

In resume, watch this, talk about this, praise, help it get a second season, they have earned it.

(Sorry about any mistakes, English is not my first language, I haven’t slept in over 24 hours and I wrote this in my phone)

Sign the Petition to Help Save Japan’s Dolphins

More than 20,000 dolphins and porpoises are being slaughtered each year for their meat at the Cove in Taiji, Japan. Yet, the majority of the world is not aware of this happening. Be a part of the solution by signing and sharing this petition.



Liftoff by Catsbow
Via Flickr:
An orca “porpoising”. Possibly J26. Off San Juan Island heading for Active Pass. This was at 300mm and cropped a little. You are not allowed closer than 100 yards to these orca, which although I’d love to get closer for photos, I agree with. Sometimes that cannot be avoided; like if you are anchored and they come in for a gander, to ride the wake, or swim underneath the boat. They can be quite curious and playful.

More than 20,000 dolphins and porpoises are being slaughtered each year for their meat at the Cove in Taiji, Japan.

We just need 100,000 more signatures to reach our 1,000,000 petition goal. Help us end this tragedy once and for all!

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