L’archipel des Sanguinaires (en corse Ìsuli Sanguinarii) se compose de quatre îlots de porphyre d'un rouge sombre à l'entrée du golfe d'Ajaccio

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holy fuck having ofarazzi as a vampire is an amazing idea. I was wondering how did a big cat like him get vampirism?

well!! it’s 100% Lurdge’s fault, great job asshole. As explained in this (now slightly revised) ask, after Lurdge contracted corprus, she p much resigned to her own death and traveled into the Ghostgate to succumb to the disease away from civilization. At this point, Lurdge and Razzi had been separated for awhile. The events of the main quest completely shred their friendship and after a big argument a few days prior they had angrily parted ways in like the middle of the Ashlands. 

Buuut after awhile Razzi starts feelin guilty and gets worried about his old and arthritic friend stuck in the middle of the wilderness. He tracks her inside the Ghostgate, but while he’s looking for her, he’s attacked by a pair of rogue vampires. He kills them both after a bit of a scuffle and doesn’t think twice about it– it doesn’t register as a vampire attack to Razzi, so at this point he is totally unaware of the fact that he is now incubating Porphyric Hemophilia. The Ghostgate is filled with weird sickly dudes who attack you out of nowhere am i right, he figured it was just some poor corprus stalkers or something.

 He manages to find Lurdge after awhile, has a big “what the fucking fuck” moment when he sees her messed up corprus arm for the first time, and hauls her off to get her to the cure as soon as possible. 

It takes about 5 days to get to Tel Fyr, the location of the cure. When he gets there Porphyric Hemophilia’s incubation period is technically finished, but. Despite being completely physically exhausted Razzi hasn’t slept at all in those 5 days, he’s been on the move completely fixated on curing Lurdge. So while Lurdge is being healed, Razzi is sleeping for the first time in days, and, subsequently, completing Porphyric Hemophilia’s incubation. So. Lurdge wakes up cured of corprus, Razzi wakes up a vampire.