Whoa… With Those We Love Alive de @porpentine
Este juego es sencillamente magnífico. Y no es más que letras en una pantalla.
Me decidí a jugarlo en un ataque de entusiasmo (si no lo jugaba hoy, ya no lo haría después), no me arrepiento.

Era desconcertante el tener que plasmar con un signo cosas tan abstractas, pero es una buena manera de formar una relación con el juego.

Una experiencia única. :)

New Newtina Things That Made Me Happy Today

- Tina is 25 years old (damn gurl, so young to have such a distinguished career). Newt is 29 years old. There is a 4-year age gap. I love it (see also: WildeHopps)

- Tina’s middle name is ‘Esther’ which means ‘Star’. ‘Artemis’ which is Newt’s middle name is the ‘Goddess of the Moon’

- Porpentina comes from ye olden word Porpentine which means Porcupine. Newts and Porcupines. HOW CUTE IS IT THAT THEY BOTH HAVE ANIMAL NAMES?

- (Not really Newtina but..) Tina’s birthday is on August 19th, which makes her a Leo. Who else do we know who’s a Leo? (hint: It starts with an H then a P)

- Tina’s bed is predominantly blue and green, which is different because she prefers monochrome in her wardrobe. Who else do we know who has a blue and green color scheme, and whose eyes can either be blue or green?  

- Tina is a Thunderbird. She has the soul of an adventurer. She eventually marries a renowned traveler and accomplish her hearts’ desire of travelling the world (she deserves it honestly).

Casual reminder that ‘Porpentine’ is an archaic name for a Porcupine. 
So (Porpen)Tina is pretty much called Porcupine Goldstein. Newt Scamander genuinely marries a girl called Porcupine, and JKR wins another round of the name game

as 2016 wends its way to a distant but inevitable close, pls get on board with the next phase of the porpentine brand as it transitions to serious cyberswamp mayhem all tributaries choked w rafts of garbage-swapping open air market randomly generated genital having softcore looking bitches with cuts full of tongues facefucking other cuts!!!!