One of the most prominent and critically acclaimed Twine games has been Howling Dogs, a haunting meditation about trauma and escapism produced in 2012 by a woman named Porpentine. The gameplay begins in a claustrophobic metal room bathed in fluorescent light. Although you can’t leave, you can “escape” once a day by donning a pair of virtual-­reality goggles. Each time, you’re launched into a strange and lavishly described new world where you play a different role: a doomed young empress learning the art of dying; a scribe trying to capture the beauty of a garden in words; a Joan of Arc-like figure waiting to be burned on a pyre. And each time you return to the metal room, it’s a little dirtier and a little more dilapidated — the world around you slowly decomposing as you try to disappear into a virtual one.
—  Laura Hudson’s ‘Twine, the Video-Game Technology for All’

Porpentine is a game changer, her work is so exciting. It’s been weeks and my thoughts still linger on her art, this medium. Also recommend Anna Anthropy’s ‘Queers in Love at the End of the World.’ 

femmescapes is a zine of visual and written work by queer and trans people who experience some kind of affinity with femmeness. in making it, we thought about “affinity” broadly: feeling femme through-and-through; approaching femmeness tentatively; orbiting its outer limits. we know that even marginal identities are often easier to access for those in power, so we were especially interested in approaching people who may not always be considered or centered in conversations about femininity/femmeness (and/or who don’t always or ever publicly claim femmeness).


Julieta + Charles

FEMMESCAPES issue 1: coming april 2016

lethargyspecialist  asked:

Since I know you're a big fan of hers, could you give an intro to Porpentine's work? Like where to start, what your favourites are?

i’m going to tag @porpentine​ in this in case she has anything to add! (hope you don’t mind being tagged here porpentine)

so first of all where to get them: porpentine’s earlier twines were collected in Eczema Angel Orifice with interesting commentary and content warnings (you can get it on itch.io or steam). this is the best way to access them imo but it does cost a small amount of money! however you can still access them online on her old site here.

more recent work can be found on her new site, and on a few other sites - Vesp is here and Ballast is on her site but not linked from the main page.

ok as for where to start - I don’t know! I think I first ran into porpentine’s work when she made Howling Dogs, which is good!

but let’s see, some particular highlights: Cyberqueen turns me on in the most fucked up way, Their Angelical Understanding is (like loads of Porpentine’s work) emotionally harrowing and deeply amazing, All I Want Is For All Of My Friends To Become Insanely Powerful is short and sweet (cw for suicide and self-harm imagery)…

With Those We Love Alive is just fucking incredible (cw transmisogyny, abuse) and please make sure to take a picture of your arm afterwards so porpentine can reblog it to her large collection of arms

Vesp is absolutely brilliant on so many levels (cw medical abuse, disablism, transmisogyny).

And her biggest project is Psycho Nymph Exile - a novella and some supporting media including a couple of twine games - which I absolutely adored. (cw: abuse, transmisogyny, rape)

Like ughh damn i just love all her work so much in ways i can hardly articulate [and tbh she was also like one of the main people whose writings helped me find my way into transitioning so i kind of owe her everything lol], i really encourage you to check out the other stuff, this is just a selection of some of the longer twines

Hot Allostatic Load
"People talk about feminism and queerness the way you’d apologize for an abusive relationship. This isn’t for the people who are benefiting from these spaces and have no reason to change. This is for the people who were exiled, the people essays aren’t supposed to be written for. This is to say, you didn’t deserve that. That even tens or hundreds or thousands of people can be wrong, and they often are, no matter how much our socially constructed brains take that as a message to lie down and die. That nothing is too bad, too ridiculous, too bizarre to be real when it comes to making marginalized people disappear. Ideology is a sick fetish."
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Important read by @porpentine


With Those We Love Alive - a text adventure written by porpentine with music by Brenda Neotenomie

honestly – I’m actually goin to say this is my new favourite text adventure. it’s really a very special game. so many emotions are communicated so clearly and personally through the use of colour, language, music and audience participation.

I say “audience participation” because WTWLA employs a truly unique feature for a game. at certain points in the story, you are asked to draw symbols on your body, and lots of people, upon completing the game, upload photos of their symbols and I just think that that is really really cool. everyone plays the same game but comes away with something unique and personal to them, which can be shared with others.

Also the use of music in this game is genius. serious kudos to brenda neotenomie for capturing and adding to the mood of each part of the story. use your god damn headphones/earbuds people.

having said all that, I really think the less said about this game the better, but I will give a hint: to progress the story, you need to sleep. I didn’t know this and was v confused for a while.

TW: violence, drugs, child abuse, self harm.