Porpentina “Tina” Goldstein:  

“Porpentina is derived from the archaic word “Porpentine”. Porpentine is a form of the term “porcupine”, used by William Shakespeare in the play Hamlet. Tina originates from the Old English “Tyne” meaning river. Goldstein is an occupational German name, meaning “gold” with Stein being translated to “stone”.

SFAC Presents: Tiny Bubbles

“Like bubbles in a glass champagne, the effect of sharing space with these dramatically different worlds will be one of prickly effervescence” –Steven Wolf

Artists: Jerome Caja. Lisa Hanawalt. Porpentine Charity Heartscape. Longmont Potion Castle. Megan Reed. Kate Rhoades. J. Otto Seibold. Boots Riley. V. Vale

This show is a group exhibition created by former gallerist Steven Wolf. Tiny Bubbles features nine artists, known for creating dark an funny narratives set in imaginary worlds.

Exhibitions Date: May 3- August 19, 2017                                                   Location: SFAC Main Gallery 401 Van Ness, Suite. 126

lethargyspecialist  asked:

Since I know you're a big fan of hers, could you give an intro to Porpentine's work? Like where to start, what your favourites are?

i’m going to tag @porpentine​ in this in case she has anything to add! (hope you don’t mind being tagged here porpentine)

so first of all where to get them: porpentine’s earlier twines were collected in Eczema Angel Orifice with interesting commentary and content warnings (you can get it on itch.io or steam). this is the best way to access them imo but it does cost a small amount of money! however you can still access them online on her old site here.

more recent work can be found on her new site, and on a few other sites - Vesp is here and Ballast is on her site but not linked from the main page.

ok as for where to start - I don’t know! I think I first ran into porpentine’s work when she made Howling Dogs, which is good!

but let’s see, some particular highlights: Cyberqueen turns me on in the most fucked up way, Their Angelical Understanding is (like loads of Porpentine’s work) emotionally harrowing and deeply amazing, All I Want Is For All Of My Friends To Become Insanely Powerful is short and sweet (cw for suicide and self-harm imagery)…

With Those We Love Alive is just fucking incredible (cw transmisogyny, abuse) and please make sure to take a picture of your arm afterwards so porpentine can reblog it to her large collection of arms

Vesp is absolutely brilliant on so many levels (cw medical abuse, disablism, transmisogyny).

And her biggest project is Psycho Nymph Exile - a novella and some supporting media including a couple of twine games - which I absolutely adored. (cw: abuse, transmisogyny, rape)

Like ughh damn i just love all her work so much in ways i can hardly articulate [and tbh she was also like one of the main people whose writings helped me find my way into transitioning so i kind of owe her everything lol], i really encourage you to check out the other stuff, this is just a selection of some of the longer twines

For the record, porpentine is pretty much my feminist role model.

Her work completely subverts, inverts and retrofits just about every aspect of femininity in a way that’s radical, gloriously violent and supremely empowering because, not in spite of, its being feminine. She shoves her glittercoated spandex-clad postfuturistic cyborg grubmother identity down your throat, and you will love it.

Yet I’ve never seen her trying to shove what you should be down your throat, and any broadly sweeping statements she makes are presented in a deliberately playful way that allows you to co-create with her, and decide what you make of them. She’s interpretive art, not a textbook. She’s not about defining other people. She’s about defining herself, while providing a path for other people to seek joy. And she’s fucking marvellous.

New Newtina Things That Made Me Happy Today

- Tina is 25 years old (damn gurl, so young to have such a distinguished career). Newt is 29 years old. There is a 4-year age gap. I love it (see also: WildeHopps)

- Tina’s middle name is ‘Esther’ which means ‘Star’. ‘Artemis’ which is Newt’s middle name is the ‘Goddess of the Moon’

- Porpentina comes from ye olden word Porpentine which means Porcupine. Newts and Porcupines. HOW CUTE IS IT THAT THEY BOTH HAVE ANIMAL NAMES?

- (Not really Newtina but..) Tina’s birthday is on August 19th, which makes her a Leo. Who else do we know who’s a Leo? (hint: It starts with an H then a P)

- Tina’s bed is predominantly blue and green, which is different because she prefers monochrome in her wardrobe. Who else do we know who has a blue and green color scheme, and whose eyes can either be blue or green?  

- Tina is a Thunderbird. She has the soul of an adventurer. She eventually marries a renowned traveler and accomplish her hearts’ desire of travelling the world (she deserves it honestly).

interview with cassie spiral

Porpentine: can i interview you via text about this starcraft 2 thing
cassie spiral: sure
Porpentine: where did you get this copy of starcraft 2?
cassie spiral: i was staying with a family member and his girlfriend, and her parents work for blizzard
cassie spiral: the video game company maybe that’s redundant
cassie spiral: but she asked if i wanted a collector’s edition of starcraft 2 her parents had ‘lying around’ at their house after the last blizcon
cassie spiral: starcraft 2 legacy of the void which i think is the protoss one
Porpentine: protoss are good people
Porpentine: so in other words, this is not merely a copy of starcraft 2, but a collector’s edition of starcraft 2
cassie spiral: ive never played starcraft but did accept it bc i thought i could probably sell it quicly
Porpentine: was it holographic in any way?
Porpentine: were there any visual enhancements?
cassie spiral: definitely, incandescent insignia
cassie spiral: the thing i remember from the back of the box was 'exclusive in-game content’ which is like pets for WoW & skins for diablo or something
cassie spiral: one of them was a protoss themed card-back for your hearthstone deck and i think it said 'show your loyalty with’
Porpentine: i’ve seen those too
cassie spiral: all in all it was an extremely lux box
Porpentine: it assumes you participate in the grand ecosystem of their products

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American Wizards

Pairing: Graves/Y/n

Request: Imagine being newts sister and falling in love with percival graves



You And newt were joined at the hip since you were born. literally.

You were twins, though he was twenty minutes older, you were still twins. Not identical however.

You were both hufflepuff in hogwarts, but when he got expelled your grades quickly dropped.

You had decided to go to New York City with him. Not because you wanted to know more about the creatures, but you wanted to know more about American wizards. And since you hadn’t spent much time with him when you were younger you wanted to make up for it.

You had just gotten off the boat from England. All the muggles were around.


You had no idea how you and your brother got here.

Well, you did. And it was all his creatures fault.

“Ms Goldstein, what have I told you?” The President of MACUSA spoke.

“I…I know but they were found and they let-”

“I don’t have time for this Porpentin-”

“I think we have a little time don’t we Mrs President, this may be important.” A slick black haired man spoke, eyes staring directly at you. You swallowed.

“Fine. Ms Goldstein, what is it?”

“These siblings have let dangerous creature out into New York.”

The president looked stern.

“I don’t have time for jokes-”

“If you don’t mind Ms porpentina. I can take them off your hands.”


“Enough ms porpentina. Mr Graves will take care of them immediately.”

The brunette shrunk away, the black haired man walked up to you both, winking at you so your brother couldn’t see, before leading the way, down the dark stairs, and into confusion.


a/n: I’m sorry this is so short, I won’t be posting until tommorow because I have to work tonight. Have a great day x

Casual reminder that ‘Porpentine’ is an archaic name for a Porcupine. 
So (Porpen)Tina is pretty much called Porcupine Goldstein. Newt Scamander genuinely marries a girl called Porcupine, and JKR wins another round of the name game


femmescapes is a zine of visual and written work by queer and trans people who experience some kind of affinity with femmeness. in making it, we thought about “affinity” broadly: feeling femme through-and-through; approaching femmeness tentatively; orbiting its outer limits. we know that even marginal identities are often easier to access for those in power, so we were especially interested in approaching people who may not always be considered or centered in conversations about femininity/femmeness (and/or who don’t always or ever publicly claim femmeness).


Julieta + Charles

FEMMESCAPES issue 1: coming april 2016