porous is he

This will probably not actually be my final word on the subject, knowing me, but here goes -

the deal with Homestuck has always been that the barrier between fanwork and canon is porous.  He borrowed a lot from us over the years, and we, god knows, took a lot from him, but it goes beyond that - the Homestuck universe is set up in such a way that every comic, every sketch, every piece of writing anyone has ever done about the kids is something that might have happened, somewhere in paradox space.  (Ideally not actually in Paradox Space, but you get the idea.)

The upshot of this is that if you’re bummed that your favorite character didn’t get a satisfying ending, if they were left with loose plot points and motivations flapping in the breeze, or were literally dumped in a fridge, or whatever, there is probably something out there that fixes that problem.  Some fic, some AU, something.  And if there isn’t, you can make it yourself.

HS was a collaborative work from the beginning.  If we look at the text itself, it’s hard to see anything but a massive fuckup, but if we zoom out and take in everything that was created around it - well, it’s still a massive fuckup, but it is a fuckup of such fractal, unearthly beauty, of such inhuman size and unspeakable complexity, that a kind of dignity begins to emerge.  Let that fuckup be your guide.   And if you need something and are willing to dig long and deep enough in that malodorous pile, I guarantee you: there’s a pony in there somewhere.  A pony just for you.