mainrapper-dw  asked:

Hi Trang! I have a question. How do you save your gifs without compromising the quality? Everytime I save a gif it become dotty D: Thank you in advance! :)

First I’m so sorry for taking so long to reply to you but I haven’t had any internet for a week but hopefully I can still help.

I used to have that problem with dots too and it drove me bonkers but what I usually do is play around with the coloring of my gifs to get rid of them.

Gifs usually have those dots all over them when there are too many colors in your gif. To get rid of them you should try making the colors of your gifs more one tone or more similar.

What I usually do is if what I’m giffing has a lot of blacks and dark colors in them is make the blacks more dark and if the gif is light then I make it more white or brighten the colors.

I’m not sure if that makes any sense and I’m kind of rushing my explanation but if you still have more questions feel free to message me again.