porky cried!

Ooo – that is a good question. Good question. Good for you! I mean, the other questions have been good and I’ve enjoyed talking about those things – you might not know this about me, but I’m very open. Very friendly. I try to stay really… yeah. Open. And I find people can be really fascinated about the little things, you know? Really trying to get to know each other?

What was your question again? Ohhh… right. Leg cramps. I like that question. It’s practical. I’m really a very practical person – I mean, check out what’s in my handbag! There’s my cell phone – got to have that, am I right? You know. Text-ing! Oh, and I like that game where you’re flinging birds at pigs. It’s like I’m watching Daffy blow Porky up! Oh, but that makes Porky a little upset, really. Though I’ve seen him playing it on his tablet – he always looks really guilty, though. And once I saw him crying. Porky’s good that way. He opens up. And I try to do the same thing! See, it all comes back together! What else do I have in this handbag – oh, there’s my clutch! Isn’t it cute? Bugs got it for me for our anniversary, only our anniversary hadn’t even come up yet! He’s so silly that way – you’d think he’d remember dates like that. Oo – he could put them in his cell phone! See? Everything happens for a reason. Let’s see… what else… gum… lip gloss – cherry flavored! Bun Bun likes that… I think. I’ve seen him drink cherry cola before. No wait, that was water. Can you get water flavored lip gloss? Anyway… tissues… gum – no, I said gum. Lotta gum in here. Band aids – safety first, right? Scissors… shotgun – a girl needs to be careful! Wait… what is that… I don’t even know what this is – isn’t that crazy? It’s like, how’d that even get in here – oo, my sunglasses!

Wait… we were talking about leg cramps, right? Heat… I think? Heat and stretching? Or maybe… I dunno, a cold pack? Really, my leg’s feeling much better anyway – I try to keep fit. Tennis, you know! Thank you so much for asking about it. It’s nice to have friends who, you know, pay attention to what’s going on in your life and showing an interest.