I’ve been doodling an idea I have for a DemonStuck AU a lot lately, and I specifically can’t stop drawing Porrim and Kankri. I just really love their designs….
(Yes, Porrim’s green trail is see-through, btw)

I mixed and matched a lot of the roles the dancestors had, trying to figure out which one was which fitting for each type of demon or supernatural creature,  but I couldnt’ seem to shake the idea of Kankri and Porrim being an incubus and succubus, respectively.

I mean imagine it: Incubus Kankri needing to survive on sex and sexual energy, but not wanting to because “Celibacy”, so doing whatever he can to get around having to seduce people and failing miserably, and I’m really sorry but I just thought that it was fitting as fuck, and I’ll just go sit in a corner now…..

Porrim knows the instant she sees Kankri walking up to her with an armful of his sweater what has happened.

“Kanny, I’m overjoyed that you have a kismesis but I’d appreciate it if you didn’t wear your sweater when playing with him.”

“UGH no!!  That’s not it at all!”  Kankri’s fuming, and if he could blush he’d be red as a marachino cherry.  "He is my PUPIL PORRIM–nothing more!!  And he keeps stretching my sweater!!“

"And how does he do that?”  Porrim hides her smile behind her hand.

“He’s always pulling at me and yanking me around and touching me and you know how much I hate being touched–”

“Oh, but you let him don’t you?”

Poor predictable Kankri flares up and burns with fresh ire; he doesn’t realize that he is just as irascible as his dancestor.

Porrim thinks it is absolutely precious how they don’t get along when in all actuality they are cut from the same cloth.

Righteous cloth.

Or is it possible that they get along too well?

“I don't let him do anything!  I try indefatigably to educate Karkat, to speak to him in a civil manner but he just says things that are so… aggravating.  It’s almost as if he is trying to make me mad.”

Porrim arches a pierced brow which stops Kankri in his tracks.  He counters with firmly crossed arms.



“Just out with it already.  You know something I do not.”

The jadeblood chuckles and shakes her head.

“Kanny, there’s a little something on your sweater.”

Reaching out, she scoops it out of his arms, her smug expression inauspicious.

Kankri cringes, knowing she’s referring to the slightly darker red splotch.

“It’s blood–”

“Sure it is.  I’ll fix this up for you.  But next time?”

She leans in and whispers against his cheek.

“Tell Karkat not to be so messy.”

I have had laryngitis going on three days now (getting better, slowly) and so Kankri does too… I’m honestly shocked I have not come across any sort of fan-plot with this yet.

I feel fine aside from an uncomfortable throat and, you know, NOT BEING ABLE TO FREAKIN’ TALK, gone through this before, so I’m stuck at home with nothing to do. Might as well draw Kankri in misery, right? TBC~

  • KANKRI: Just y9u and the s9und 9f y9ur knitting eh?
  • KANKRI: The click 9f needles and the s9und 9f s9litude.
  • PORRIM: Rude, what do+ yo+u have against my knitting? I enjo+y it and yo+u get to+ wear all my new stuff, it's a fair trade~
  • PORRIM: Haha.
  • KANKRI: Y9u mistake f9rced enj9yment f9r legitimate enj9yment. Wearing 'all y9ur new stuff' d9esn't delight me as much as y9u think it d9es.
  • PORRIM: O+h no+, I kno+w it do+esn't, no+t in any way.
  • PORRIM: Yo+u do+n't hide yo+ur distaste and po+uting as much as yo+u think yo+u do+.
  • KANKRI: And here I th9ught I was 6eing s9 p9lite.
  • PORRIM: Yo+u do+n't o+utright argue everytime, so+ I'd co+nsider it po+lite. I'm thankful at least, we'd never get anywhere if yo+u did.
  • KANKRI: See if 9nly I'd kn9wn that sweeps ag9.
  • KANKRI: I c9uld have maintained a full 6l9wn re6elli9n against knitted g99ds 6y n9w.
  • KANKRI: I c9uld have run a 6l9ckade.
  • PORRIM: Precisely why I didn't say anything sweeps ago+.
  • KANKRI: A picketed pr9test.
  • KANKRI: My dreams 9f amateur re6elli9n are n9w dashed, dashed cruelly I say.
  • PORRIM: And my o+wn dreams o+f seeing yo+urs crushed are finally fulfilled. Isn't this nice?