• most girls: hair in an updo, thigh gap, wears lots of makeup and designer clothes, runs a hipster blog
  • me: bald, wears glasses, a frightening beard, button-up shirts, and a porkpie hat, cooks meth to provide for my family. i am the danger. i am the one who knocks.

Lucky magazine | December/January 2015

Free People ‘Patton Porkpie Hat’ - $58.00

As originally suspected, Taylor is wearing her own Free People hat in her shoot with Lucky. Too cute of her to bring her own pieces to a shoot and really make the looks her own.

Worn with: Chanel dress and Giuseppe Zanotti boots

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After she left it all fell apart.

I was fired from the hobby store. Diagnosed with tennis elbow. The rice I cooked lacked the fluffiness it had been famed for.

Every day for fourteen weeks I stood outside her window with a boom-box and played her favourite song. I knew that if she listened to it enough that she’d remember the good times, that she’d forgive me for all my horrible transgressions.

We’d danced to it the first night we met.  I remember how she had playfully stolen my porkpie hat, gently whispering “ Ski-bi dibby dib yo da dub dub” into my ear, before kissing me on the eye.

It was her neighbour, old man McKinley, who broke the news to me.

She’d moved away some days before I started visiting with my Scatman tape.

 There was a young family staying in her house, they’d only recently arrived in the country.

Understandably, they were terrified.