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I have an odd recipe for you: dr. pepper pork carnitas in a slow cooker. Take approx. 3 pounds pork shoulder, season with salt, pepper, garlic powder, cumin, and chili pepper, brown and place in crock pot. Add 3 whole jalapenos, 5 quartered tomatoes, and 2 sliced red onions. Add 2 cups orange juice and enough dr. pepper to cover meat. Cook on high until meat can be shredded. Reduce broth mix to create a glaze. Serve as tacos

I’ll try anything once, but I take it you’ve not read my book.


Taqueria Quadalajara

I woke up craving tacos today- so for a quick study break, a friend and I went to try out Taqueria Quadalajara . This lunch spot is set in a strip mall (right next to Fire Wings) in West Davis right off of the Covell Road Exit.

We came in around 2:00pm, a naturally awkward time between lunch and dinner, but half the tables were still filled with customers. The menu was a pretty standard selection for a taqueria, which included tacos, tostadas, burritos, and more.

There were a variety of meats to choose from , and I ended up ordering the adobada (marinated steak), asada (also steak), and carnitas (pork) tacos. 

They also had a regularly stocked chips and a salsa bar - great to munch on while we waited for our order -which wasn’t long. 

A quick side comment though- I feel that the salsa bars at the taqueria’s I’ve been to Davis don’t have very flavorful options. I’m sure this has a connection with the incredibly small Hispanic community in the area. 

Only downside for me was that it’s only open till 9:30pm. Of course I’m biased because of my night owl tendencies, but I know that by the time I get home from class and recollect myself, it’s already well into the evening. Then again, the tacos I had here a were really good, and I’m almost scared to imagine how delicious they would be after a long night.

Flavor: I can’t speak for anything else on the menu yet, but the asada and adobada flavors were amazing. I will be definitely making my way back here soon. The tacos had just cilantro and onions, and the meat was prepared well.

Atmosphere: Pretty relaxing hole in the wall. The seating was pretty spacious and even when it was full, the overall volume was not overwhelming.

Affordability: The tacos were only $1.59 each- which is a pretty good deal considering we were in the middle of suburbia. I went out of my way to find the prices of other taqueria’s in Davis, and this spot’s tacos were a whole dollar less than the average (around $2.60). So this is definitely worth a trip for a college student.


Impossible to Remember Memories

Remember the first time you had a taco? Hahahaha, me neither that shits impossible to remember. Well I’m sure that will be in the back of your mind… ALL DAY now. Instead of thinking about that, think about Naked Taco. One of the best taco places in Miami. It’s in the Dream Hotel, which I know, I almost instantly dismissed that shit too. But yo, the food is top notch FUEGOOOOOO🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. Altho, if you’re in a rush this is NOT the place for you; but let’s be real fam, you’ve got NOWHERE to be and ZERO commitments other than stopping at Walgreens bc your gf told you to grab her a medium Oral B, non generic brand toothbrush. And don’t you dare come back with that soft or hard trash. 

I waited almost FORTY minutes for my tacos, they forgot the queso dip, and tea, and silverware, and the bill took an aditional 20 minutes to arrive table side. Yea, now that I think about it i basically lost an entire day eating here. Fucking Miami.

Naked Taco

Tip: even if I said the guac was bad you would get it so I’m not sure if this is a tip or not. But it is great.

Tip: If you’re hungry get 3 tacos. They’re not tiny but 2-3 is where you should land.

Tip: The cheese dip is wild hard to eat. Almost not worth it bc you’ll get so mad and lash out at your friends. But it’s warm melted cheese 😏

Pricing: Duck confit taco ($7), queso fundido ($12), pork carnitas ($5).

When to come here: When you have such an excessive amount of time you can give it away/for amazing tacos.

Where: 1111 Collins Ave Miami

Times: sunday-thursday 7am-11pm friday-saturday 7am-12pm

Phone: 305 534 8455