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“Its scary to stop working towards your dream. But its even scarier to have a dream yet not work toward it and lie to yourself for the rest of your life, telling yourself that was for the best”

Fancy Meeting You Here part two!

Part One (I sincerely hope the link worked xP)

Well, for a sequel you could write about the ride back  to the sanctuary, Negan being fucking thrilled about his new wife, and the meeting with y/n & Daryl in his cell” - @perseusandmedusa (Thank you so much friend!)

Ships: Negan x Reader, Daryl x Reader 

Words: 1,177

Warnings: Negan’s language, mild smut, mentions of smut.

You were on your way back from the clearing where you were unceremoniously reunited with your past group. Negan had one arm around you as he drove down a long, straight road. A few walkers were emerging from the tree line, attracted by the low rumble of the engine.

“We’re gonna have the whole fucking sanctuary there. All of our people will attend and they’ll be fucking happy about it.” Negan said in a jovial tone as he swerved around a walker in the middle of the road. “We’re gonna get some more pork from that shit-show… fuck… what’s it called again?” He said as he twirled a strand of your hair around his finger.

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Apollo Pt.2

Part 1 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Writer blocks can be really frustrating, and sometimes having a “muse” doesn’t really help either. - Specially when your inspiration might not be there with you forever. ModernAU!

Warnings: Mostly fluff at first, angst. Mentions of drug use (as a joke), swearing.

Words: 2644

A/N: Instead of referring the reader as “She” I’ll change the pronoun to “you”, since the last one is neutral and can be used for both genders. 

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Bucky bit his lower lip as he tried to find a proper answer, answer that he himself didn’t even know. When he was thinking about a new life in Europe, he forgot he would have to deal with losing boundaries, saying goodbye, and kick them from his life. You found yourself static and stiff, trying to process the idea of him grabbing a suitcase and escaping from your life. You laughed at the idea, because he was not yours; he wasn’t an object you could own. Yet, not only was he your inspiration, but also your anchor to the real world, since, as a writer, you’re likely to spend more time dissociating yourself from the real world than actually living in it.

“I guess I’d have to do sacrifices.” He gave (y/n) a tight smile, trying to find an instant solution to a problem that hadn’t happened yet. He pulled you closer and hid his nose where your neck and shoulder connected, just to take a deep breath and mumble “don’t think about that right now, I’d never leave your side even if you punched me in the face multiple times while begging me to get my ass out of your appartment.” He squeezed you in his arms. “We’re like those conjoined twins. You’re like my sister.” That declaration made you feel a pit in your stomach.

“Man, that’s the creepiest and weirdest comparison you’ve ever made.” The wrinkles in your nose showed up, trying to distract yourself from that bad feeling “remember that time you were so high you asked me that if someone was killed in a living room wouldn’t it be called dying room afterwards?” you scoffed, grinning as you could see embarrassment reflected in his eyes.

“Oh god shut up.” he retired himself as he thrown you the crust of the last slice, while you tried to hide a smirk by taking a sip from your beer. “I’m never smoking pot while drinking again. I’m not a college student anymore.” James complained.

“I still can’t believe you did that to impress that girl… Molly? Mary?”

“Mindy.” He remembered “I had a thing for young bad girls during a short period of time…” He covered his eyes while biting his lip.

“Short?” You lifted your brows “Buck, you dated her for a year and after splitting with her you hanged out with her best friend for like, 2 years more? If it wasn’t because I wanted to steal wifi from your house your car would have “Motherfucker” writt…”

“Okay, okay, you’re right. Just… Stop reminding me that phase.” Bucky shook his head, trying to get rid of those memories.

“Welp, that tattoo you got does the job for me” You teased as he groaned, lifting up his shirt.

With grey lines which were supposed to be black years ago, a pin-up style girl with a pork head showed up on his hip. It was the clear representation of why you shouldn’t get a tattoo drunk and mostly, for a girl. You dared to press your fingertips against his firm skin, feeling goosebumps as you could feel this eyes staring down at you and his warm touch. 

His sight scanned your face, searching for some expression while he felt like he was craving for your touch somehow. Maybe he was just turned on, impatient for seeing his new girlfriend again this night.

“Like what you see?” James teased this time with that cocky smile, making you feel overwhelmed. Of course, you wouldn’t let your nervousness take over your behaviour. 

“In fact, you need to lose some weight.” (y/n) tapped his abs. Bucky, open-mouthed looked at you like you just offended his ancestors, pushing you to burst into a laugh. “Now get out of here, miss inspiration is knocking on my door and I need to answer.” You stood up, grabbing his arm as he moaned and complained. “Stop being childish, and go with Hope. I know she’s waiting for you.” You added, seeing with sadness how his eyes turned bright as you mentioned her.

And with your daily dose of Bucky Barnes, you started to type again.

Months passed and your book improved, at the same time James improved his relationship with Hope. Nonetheless, your inspiration issue was the same. You still needed him by your side, and the seriousness of his relationship with his girlfriend didn’t help. You could feel how his time with you was starting to be reduced, and how his attention was escaping from your fingertips. Stress and sadness was taking over your life and in consequence you spent more time daydreaming and using those lapses for your book in development. The quality of your work, however, decreased.

“Honey, you need to take a break. It’s been awhile since you went outside your home.” Advised Wanda. 

“I need to finish this bloody book, I need the money, I’m broke.” That had been your excuse. Economical problems, and deadlines.

“Broke my ass.” You heard Natasha in the background. You saw her putting on her jacket on the screen of your phone. “We’re picking you up in 20 minutes, be ready and don’t you dare to escape, ‘cause we’ll find you.” She threatened while getting close to the camera.

With resignation you throw your phone and decided to fix your aspect a little. They didn’t know how you felt about Bucky, and you were seriously questioning if you should tell them.

The warmth of the coffee was melting your frozen hands, and the smell brought you memories from that happy time when your social life and health were more important than ending a novel. It was surprising how could our jobs absorb what we used to love to do.

“C’mon girls, it’s not like we’re on an intervention.” You said, rolling our eyes.

“In fact.” Natasha took a sip from her coffee. “It is.” Wanda nodded.

“Why are you girls doing this? I’m fine, what’s the problem of being dedicated to your job?”

“(y/n), you’re not dedicated to your job, you’re using it to evade yourself. It feels like years since you’ve been hanging out with us” Wanda took your hands and pressed them together firmly. “Is there something wrong?”

You looked at them, guilt pressing your lungs, and fear crossing your mind. It was not a secret how close you and Bucky were, but there was no need for nobody to know your feelings towards him. It was something really common, and a simple crush like that one could be just temporal. At least that’s what you kept saying to yourself all these years.

“Its- It’s nothing.” You focused on your cup, hoping them to forget about it and start having a good time together, like the good ol’ days.

“(y/n)…” Whispered Wanda.

She knew something was hunting you, she always had this ability of looking inside your mind, and you knew it. It wouldn’t be a surprise if she figured out your crush on Buck by just staring at you.

“I- I think I started developing feelings towards someone I shoudn’t.” You summarised. 

At that moment, you could see how Nat and Wanda shared an understanding look. You frowned. 

“She fell for Buck.” Added Natasha, giving you a mother-like glance. “Oh dear.”

“It’s… It’s nothing like that.” You sighed. “It’s just that somehow he helps me to write easily, and I need him so I can do my job.” You justified, trying not to lose it in the Need Him. “It’s been awhile since we’ve spent time together. Hope is such a great person, and they’re going serious in the couple thing. It’s getting more complicated for me to keep on going with the chapters when he’s not here, but that’s not something I can tell to my editor and expect some deadline delay.”

“(Y/N/N), spit it out.” Demanded Wanda, getting impatience.

At some point, your walls started to crack and, slowly, you felt weight falling on your shoulders, and how a lump was forming in your throat.

“I miss him.” You finally declared, not being able to look at your friends in the eye. “I- Okay I fell for him, long time ago.” Something warm was rolling down your cheek, but you refused to believe you were crying for him. You couldn’t. You had no right for being sad. “Months ago when he told me about his new girl he said he would leave the country for her. He would leave all behind for her.”

Your words tasted bitter in your tongue, because saying it out loud made you realise. He was in love. Hell no, he was crazy in love. With Hope. He found his soulmate, and you were the one who was always represented as the girl left behind, the one who would find her home in him, but not being corresponded.

“Honey, don’t think about that. He’s still here, only a phone call away. Call him, tell him to come around, let his vibes help you on your writing, enjoy some time with him again.” They encouraged. “It might be hard, but If his presence is all you need, you should do it.”

And with that, you three started to talk about other issues, making you forget for a moment you were in love.

“Pizzaman is here!” You heard him say like a record. You closed your eyes, relieved, after not hearing his voice for a long time.

“I Missed you so much!” You repeated. But this time was different. This time your body was searching for him, avid to press your chest against James’.

“(y/n) I swear to god if you’re saying that to the pi… Oh” He mumbled, surprised that your arms wrapped around him first. He smiled, pressing his nose against your hair and smelling your scent. God, he felt like home. “Missed you too little marshmallow.” He kept you hugged around him. He had no problems with it.

Time was irrelevant for you both. It felt like it was yesterday when you had a long night talk, eating pizza, drinking beers, binge watching Netflix. It felt like it was yesterday you two found out you were that close together.

“You gotta be kidding me (y/n)” He said, completely surprised and honoured. “Don’t play with my feelings like that, you know I’m sensitive.” He acted like he was wiping tears from his face while you grinned like a little kid finding out how handsome boys were for the first time. In fact, he loved the idea of you finding a story behing his existence, because he felt like he was art for you.

“I swear it’s like my brain refuses to work if you’re not around.” You gestured, exaggerating your moves. “It’s like you’re my muse.” You joked, hiding a little bit of truth in every word.

“Muses are only for women darling.” Bucky corrected. “I’d be like Apollo or something like that.” His cocky smile appeared.

“Don’t attribute yourself all the effort.” You punched him sightly on his arm. “I’m the writer, remember?” You two laughed until a comfortable silence settled in the room.

“(y/n)…” James called. You looked at him. “Hope is coming here in a few minutes, we want to tell you something important.” Your smile faded, your chest felt heavy with every breath you were taking.

“Is she pregnant?” You asked, feeling partially relieved as you saw him shake his head.

“No, not yet.” That yet. He wanted to. “Remember when I told you I would move to The UK if she had to… Leave?”

You wished time had some effort on you again. Make the moment faster, emotionless. You wished every damn second to be minutes so time could pass faster and leave this situation behind. With all your will, you nodded.

“Her visa ends in a week and… I think I’m moving with her.” You could see his lips curving up a little bit at the idea. Of course, it was difficult for him to tell you that either. She’s your best and closest friend, of couse you’re feeling like shit leaving her here. He mumbled to himself.

“Bu- Bucky, I just told you you’re the one who’s actually helping me to end this shitty novel.” You stuttered, without any idea of how to act anymore. With a frowned face, he looked at you confused.

“What are you trying to say?” He felt a little bit annoyed. He wanted your support and your approval, only to get a nonsense mumble about your job.

“I mean, It’s my job, I need to keep going and earn a little bit of…”

“I can’t believe what you’re saying.” He stood up, without breaking eye contact. “I came here to tell you that I’m starting a new life in somewhere new, and all you care about is your fucking job?” He gestured showing indignation. 

“I can’t do anything about it Buck, It’s a job!” This was your way for asking him to stay. You were new at showing strong emotions, and you didn’t know how to deal with it.

“I am not an amulet, (y/n)! Stop being so selfish, all I needed was your support!” He shouted at you. “You’re acting like a spoiled brat!”

“Do you think I like my creativity to be bounded to you like this? Do you think I’m happy with the idea of my closest friend leaving to an island?” You stood up next to him.


“DO YOU THINK I HAVEN’T TRIED THAT CRAP?” You screamed, tears running down your cheeks like waterfalls “ HAVEN’T YOU THOUGHT THAT MAYBE IT’S BECAUSE I’M IN LOVE WITH YOU, ASSHOLE?”

You froze. He froze. You were scared, he was surprised. You wanted some reaction from him, but he didn’t move for what it felt like hours. And then, you finally got it. He moved. He walked towards the door. He opened it, ready to leave, only to find Hope standing still in the corridor. You gasped when you saw him wrapping his arms around her the way he used to do to you, whispering something to her ear, and kissing her lips shortly after leaving you with his girlfriend. 

You couldn’t find any strength to keep yourself up, so you let your body hit the couch, tired. Hope walked and sat next to you, resting her hand in your thigh, rubbing it, trying to comfort you. You looked at her, confusion dripping from your eyes.

“Have you…?” You didn’t need to complete the question, she just nodded. “I’m sorry.” You apologised.

“Don’t be, dear.” She smiled at you, showing empathy. “We can’t control our feelings, It’s not your fault.” You kept yourself quiet, still impressed by the way she was treating you. “It happened to me once, too.” She confessed, staring at the white wall. “But the feeling fades. And we move on.” She took your hand. “Right now Bucky and I are in love. Well, at least I am.” She laughed softly. Even her laugh was something angelical. “He’s the type of person you would fall easily in love with.” You agreed at that, even though it took you years to realize how much you loved him. “That doesn’t mean you can’t find someone out there. I’m saying this because I don’t want to be the type of woman pictured as a bitch anywhere. I understand how you feel, and I know the pain.” You closed you eyes, drowning a gasp. “I don’t really know you, (y/n), but I feel like you’re an incredible woman, and finding another man won’t be difficult to you. And, I truly hope you find one as good as Bucky is for me.” With that, she took her purse, gave you a warm look, and left.


Human flesh tastes ‘somewhere between pork and lamb’: Video shows man testing meat from his own leg

BBC presenter Gregg Foot had a piece of his thigh muscle removed in order to discover how human flesh tasted, but couldn’t eat his own since it’s illegal, so he made a mockup style burger.
First he said “ew,” of the strong scent, but then added “it’s actually quite nice… really meaty though. It’s like beef and ale stew or something.”

Researches claimed that the aroma measured at about 80 percent of the real taste, but that wasn’t enough for Foot, he still needed an actual taste of something similar.

The analysis revealed that his leg was about half the type of muscle found in chicken breast and half the muscle fibers found in cuts of beef. The scientist who conducted the scent experiment said Foot’s flesh would most likely taste like a combination of red meat, pork and lamb.

Just a friendly reminder: I realize I’m on Tumblr, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to be like “awww, you smoke weed? that’s cool, do you!! I’m all about positive vibez!!!” 

If you have a problem with a substance, or any other sin, the point is to help you get out from it. The problem we have as a community is that we don’t help those who need the help from those sins. That’s why I get so angry with MSAs that turn people away who they don’t deem acceptable because they have a boyfriend or whatever. How are they going to change if we don’t let them into our spaces? If we have truth, why should we be worried with someone who disagrees with us?

I don’t care about what non-Muslims do. If they ask my opinion, I will tell them, but I don’t care about non-Muslim tumblr and what they do or don’t do. They like drinking? Fantastic for them.

My concern is for Muslims. That doesn’t mean I don’t care about non-Muslims as people, it’s just, this is a blog designed to give advice. If you’re not Muslim and you don’t agree with our positions, then cool, this will happen in life.

But I’m not about to compromise Islam because people want to change this religion. Because you have to ask yourselves: if you believe in God, and God tells you to do something, why wouldn’t you do it?

Why is it so easy to turn down a slice of pepperoni pizza but not a drink? There’s no societal pressure. The only reason you consider the alcohol a struggle is because there is societal pressure.

What pork/bacon shows you is what’s possible when you remove the societal pressure element to your religion. You’ll just live your life.

But the normalization of habits that go against Islam on this website scare me.

And the thing is, when I say that, I know what you’re thinking “he’s talking about X” nah. That’s the funny/sad part.

Think about how much trash you guys talk about each other here.

Think about how much gossip you spread here.

Think about how much anger you spew here.

Think about how much discord you grow between each other here.

The worst sins are the ones that we don’t even think about. The ones we normalize. We are committing thulm against ourselves.

What is “Thulm?”

We generally associate the word with “oppression,” but if we look at the basis of the word, in the Arabic language we get a far deeper meaning.

Thulm means “placing a thing or an object in its wrong place.”

So if I take your laptop and start using it as a hammer, from the linguistics of Arabic, this is Thulm. Why? Because that is the improper use of that object.

So, whatever goes against the order creation, the order of its inner being, is therefore Thulm. That is why what we describe as merely “sinning” is many times described as “Thulm” in The Qur’an, hence the phrase “sinning against one’s self.”

Thus sin is not a imaginary transgression, but rather, it prevents you, the individual, from reaching your potential.

Yuri Drags a Hand Across the Ice

That’s it. He doesn’t crash or lose the validity of the quad. He drags a hand. Yes, there is a lot of questioning regarding the number of rotations and yes, he is disappointed in himself and his performance, but here’s the thing. 

He didn’t give up. 

Look at the Yuri we saw from last season, when he crashed on his jumps and ended up crying in a bathroom apologizing to his mother for messing up. He was beyond devastated he was destroyed. That one event made him question his entire participation in the sport that he loved so dearly. 

And now think of the Yuri we saw today. He was disappointed but he wasn’t defeated. Not only did he get up and finish the program as best as he could, he went to find Victor and watch his fellow competitors. 

This isn’t the sign of a failure despite the fact that he didn’t perform to the best of his ability. This is the sign of an athlete who is overcoming the struggles of everyday life both on and off the ice. 

The real battle of the show isn’t winning the GPF. That’s a huge part of it yes, but it only plays into the real conflict, which is the anxiety that consumes Yuri. He’s getting stronger and more confident. And that’s what is really great about this show. Kubo doesn’t just give us a show with athletic conflicts to make a plot go along. She gives us characters who are growing so realistically that sometimes you don’t even notice it. 

First “welcome to town” present from a patient! 

I think I’m gonna do juuuust fine here. 

Back story: the girls in the office told me we have a patient they call the “bacon man” who runs a pork processing place. They have asked him for bacon a hundred times and he never brings them any. He happened to come in today and I shook his hand and said, “oh YOU’RE the bacon man! You and I need to be friends!” And boom, a grocery bag o’ pork goodies showed up at the office an hour later. 

overtherainbowoutofmymind  asked:

I texted my mom a link to the cats doing paddy cake video on your blog and this morning she goes "I couldn't open what you sent me last night!" So I show it to her and she goes "No, I saw that!! I wanna see the sassy pork! Show me the sassy pork?" She meant spork and I have been laughing all day about this and wanted you to know this happened.

this made my life oh my fucking god