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Yuri Drags a Hand Across the Ice

That’s it. He doesn’t crash or lose the validity of the quad. He drags a hand. Yes, there is a lot of questioning regarding the number of rotations and yes, he is disappointed in himself and his performance, but here’s the thing. 

He didn’t give up. 

Look at the Yuri we saw from last season, when he crashed on his jumps and ended up crying in a bathroom apologizing to his mother for messing up. He was beyond devastated he was destroyed. That one event made him question his entire participation in the sport that he loved so dearly. 

And now think of the Yuri we saw today. He was disappointed but he wasn’t defeated. Not only did he get up and finish the program as best as he could, he went to find Victor and watch his fellow competitors. 

This isn’t the sign of a failure despite the fact that he didn’t perform to the best of his ability. This is the sign of an athlete who is overcoming the struggles of everyday life both on and off the ice. 

The real battle of the show isn’t winning the GPF. That’s a huge part of it yes, but it only plays into the real conflict, which is the anxiety that consumes Yuri. He’s getting stronger and more confident. And that’s what is really great about this show. Kubo doesn’t just give us a show with athletic conflicts to make a plot go along. She gives us characters who are growing so realistically that sometimes you don’t even notice it. 

“Its scary to stop working towards your dream. But its even scarier to have a dream yet not work toward it and lie to yourself for the rest of your life, telling yourself that was for the best”


Human flesh tastes ‘somewhere between pork and lamb’: Video shows man testing meat from his own leg

BBC presenter Gregg Foot had a piece of his thigh muscle removed in order to discover how human flesh tasted, but couldn’t eat his own since it’s illegal, so he made a mockup style burger.
First he said “ew,” of the strong scent, but then added “it’s actually quite nice… really meaty though. It’s like beef and ale stew or something.”

Researches claimed that the aroma measured at about 80 percent of the real taste, but that wasn’t enough for Foot, he still needed an actual taste of something similar.

The analysis revealed that his leg was about half the type of muscle found in chicken breast and half the muscle fibers found in cuts of beef. The scientist who conducted the scent experiment said Foot’s flesh would most likely taste like a combination of red meat, pork and lamb.


it was pretty cool that time king tuff played my basement

First “welcome to town” present from a patient! 

I think I’m gonna do juuuust fine here. 

Back story: the girls in the office told me we have a patient they call the “bacon man” who runs a pork processing place. They have asked him for bacon a hundred times and he never brings them any. He happened to come in today and I shook his hand and said, “oh YOU’RE the bacon man! You and I need to be friends!” And boom, a grocery bag o’ pork goodies showed up at the office an hour later. 

Looks like a freshman 15 for sure, belly looks like a new asset on a formerly trim waist, the sort of guy thats embarrassed about his weight gain but also likes to complain about how much he’s porked and show off his burgeoning middle