pork noodle soup

Tokyo Nabe Party

My last meal before leaving Tokyo this trip was a wonderful winter dinner at our cousins’ home, where we enjoyed a traditional Japanese “nabe” or hot pot…

This particular preparation started with a base of slightly spicy chicken stock that our family is fond of, in which we made and cooked both fresh chicken meatballs, known as “tsukune”…

As well as some lovely Japanese Kurobuta sliced pork…

The noodles we added were these perfect Maru-chan ramen noodles, made specifically for hot pots..

I loved that not only were they a bit thinner than your average ramen noodles, but they licensed the characters from famous Japanese family cartoon “Chibi Maruko-chan” for the packaging…

We even cracked open a special bottle of sake that NEC had sent over as gift last year…

As much as I love eating out at restaurants, nothing beats relaxing over a home-cooked meal at a dining room table surrounded by family!

Arthit: Kong likes to drink iced coffee and hes the type that likes to wake up very early. When he wakes up he likes to eat soy milk and patongkoh, he likes to eat the same things all the time. he likes to eat really bland food. he cant eat spicy food, when he orders food he likes to order egg omelet with ground pork. Noodles with meatball in soup, he eats very bland food without any flavours. even though he can make this stuff himself, but hes always burning it … even fried eggs. he’s such a prince♡… and about getting dressed, hes so slow at getting ready. hes spot on from head to toe. And when he goes out he never goes anywhere alone he always brings his friends along with him. he probably loves his friends a lot. he likes to act like a hero, he is always protecting his friends in the cheer room. he loves to get on my nerves♡. 

Also Arthit: I don’t have feelings for kong.

Shu Jiao Fu Zhao, NYC

Shu Jiao Fu Zhao in Chinatown is not a restaurant you go to for the service or the atmosphere.

You go for the food.

Plain and simple.

They have a very limited menu, specializing in just a few things.

But they do those things OH SO WELL!!

Beef tripe and tendon soup being one of them…

You can choose thick or thin noodles…

And when they say thin, they mean thiiiiiiiin….

The other thing you don’t miss here are their boiled pork and chive dumplings…

This combo of Shu Jiao Fu Zhao’s tripe soup and dumplings will set you back only $5.50! Quite a bargain, even for Chinatown!! Cash only.

Go in, order, eat, enjoy, get out.

You’ll have a great meal. I loved every bite.

But there’s no need to stick around. And they don’t want you to anyway. 


118 Eldridge St.

NY, NY 10002


Wonton Noodle Garden, NYC

My favorite noodle joint in Chinatown, NYC…

The name of the place is “Wonton Noodle Garden”, so why would you order anything else?

I always get my wonton noodles in soup (A1 on the menu) with roast pork…

My wife orders hers “dry” with a touch of sauce and Chinese broccoli.

Eight bucks for a big bowl, open till 4am.


56 Mott St.

NY, NY 10013