pork n' beans

keycchan  asked:

i wanna imagine the kid bein named beans (maybe bc preston found em next to an empty can of pork 'n beans) almost entirely bc it's fukken adorable to imagine hancock being adorbs with the squirt goin "beans beans the musical fruit the more you smooch her the more she toots"

bye yall im cryin this is too cute


was such a beautiful day. I got to ride on a back of a truck and document about 20 kids riding their bikes throughout overtown, liberty city/ pork’n beans, wynwood… hitting wheelies, dodging cars, doing all type of stunts. I got to see how they all had this brotherhood, heartwarming shit. lol Most of them were like 13-17yrs old. And as we rode through different neighborhoods little kids started to pick up their bikes and follow us. Cant really say what it was for just yet, but i’ll post it up here when its done. 

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the idea is to answer 8 questions and tag 8 people and let them answer the same questions

1) last movie you watched: How to Train Your Dragon 2

2) last song you listened to: Test Drive from the HTTYD soundtrack (it’s really pretty and I plan to skate to it in a competition)

3) last show you watched: Gravity Falls

4) last book you read: Life of Pi

5) last thing you ate: Hot Dogs and Pork n’ Beans

6) if you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?: At the ice rink or pond 

7) what time would you travel to?: 1990s

8) fictional character you would hang out with for a day?: Toothless, ultimate sass master




and anyone else who wants to do it, I don’t feel comfortable tagging some people lol