pork in every dish

Never contribute to the pot luck but always grabbing a plate?

This happened approximately 20 years ago.

One summer while I was in college I volunteered for a small laboratory. The lab had 8-10 regular employees, 1 pathologist and 1 lab director. The pathologist was Jewish and the lab director was Muslim.

Near the end of the summer before I was leaving them to go back to school they threw a potluck lunch and put up a sign-up sheet for it.

The potluck came and everything was delicious. About 30 minutes into it the director walks in and eyes everything up. “Does this have pork in it?’ he asked pointing to the lasagna?

‘Yes’ was the reply.

'This?’ he asks pointing to greens.

'Oh yes, I cook those with bacon fat’

I suddenly realize that every dish included pork of some sort. green beans with ham, meatballs with pork, mac and cheese with bacon, etc.

The lab director slowly realizes this as well and walks out defeated.

Once he was out of ear shot the entire room starts laughing, and it was explained to me that every time they have a potluck that the director and pathologist NEVER brought anything, ALWAYS took a plate of food, and ALWAYS took it back to their office rather than eating with the group, which i think offended them the most. So they plotted together to only bring in dishes that included swine.

Soon after that the pathologist walked in to the same pork-laden options and left without any food as well. It was hard to keep a straight face now knowing what was happening.