pork burritos

Server here, yesterday(1/9) was god awful and I just need to vent.

At my restaurant every Tuesday is BOGO, buy one get one free either steak, burrito or pork chop depending on what corporate decides. Yesterday it was steak or burrito so naturally we had a huge crazy group of cheap middle aged/old people wanting free steak. We ran out of baked potato(which is like, what EVERYONE ordered) so I since I was the least overwhelmed ran around telling tables. Thankfully no one got super mad, but you could tell they weren’t happy about it.
But what really makes this night terrible is the fact that none of these tables, none! know how to tip when it comes to BOGO. For those unaware, even though YOU are getting something free, we are not. We still have to input that steak and then have a manager take it off. Even then we still had to make that steak and serve it out, so whenever you do BOGO, it is courteous, almost I dare say required, to tip as if you were paying for two steaks. Not a single one of my tables did that, they all tipped on what they were being charged, and not even 15% of THAT either. I left that night, exhausted and hurting, with only 25 dollars.

So fuck customers, fuck cheap-ass customers, and fuck BOGO’s. I can’t pay my car off on 25 dollars!


Torta w/ Refried beans, Avocado, Chile De'arbol Pulled Pork, Jalapenos, Onions, and a Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette - Black Bear Burritos by Sher Yip


Binging with Babish 2 Million Subscriber Special: The Every-Meat Burrito from Regular Show [source]

This week we’re celebrating hitting 2 million subscribers with maybe the most cartoonish cartoon food ever imagined: the every-meat burrito.   While we were unable to procure any giraffe, jackal, or naked mole rat, the combination of every commercially-available meat ended up tasting like something far worse than chicken.  Follow along as we get that taste out of our mouth with the every-pork burrito! 

Contains 27 kinds of meat – chicken, beef, pork, lobster, shrimp, fish, duck, lamb, turkey, bison, Cornish game hen, goose, pheasant, quail, rabbit, squab, venison, boar, alligator, antelope, caribou, elk, ostrich, turtle, rattlesnake, kangaroo, bull testicles, and bacon.  Almost $600 worth of MEAT.

Then he makes an Every-Pork Burrito – chicharonnes, carnitas, chorizo, pork al pastor, and bacon.

“It’s not the amount of meat, it’s how you treat the meat.”