Face Primer Dupes for Your Skin!

Not all face primers are created equal, but some have great, affordable dupes!  Primer is a topic of conversation that I always see in my inbox, whether it’s a dupe request or simply needing to know what primer will work best for your skin concern.  Here I’ve gathered a list of fourteen excellent face primers with an average cost difference of $31!  That’s THIRTY ONE DOLLARS you could be saving. Or about ten Starbucks drinks you could get FREE.  mmmm

For a synopsis and comparison of all of these primers, and which I think is the best ever, click through!

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I’ve been in love with Benefit ever since I was 16 and got my first product from them - the Kitten Shops New York powder puff - to the mini kit my sister Sarah have me for Christmas. So when I was given a gift voucher I thought I might go and see what I could get. I love makeup but rarely wear it(for multiple reasons) so I was a bit shy about going to the beauty counter. I am a buy it online or chemist kind of girl! I have to say, the lovely girl who helped me at the Benefit counter at TTP Myer was one of the sweetest people ever! I wish I had gotten her name…anyway, I told her I what I was looking for and she suggested I try out this little kit. I am in love with it. Apart from it looking *super cute*, the products are amazing - if you haven’t tried the POREfessional Primer, you have no idea what you’re missing out on. The foundation matches my skin tone, the powder is silky smooth and the concealers blend beautifully. I’m now a @benefitcosmetics girl 😘 #benefitcosmetics #benefit #porefessional #makeup #beauty #myer

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