Follower Art Challenge #1

Thank you everyone for contributing your lovely lovely art work! 

If you haven’t started or aren’t finished yet, don’t worry! Just tag it as “Hapo’s art challenge” and mention that you did it for Challenge #1 somewhere in case I forget in the future, and I’ll add it to this or a subsequent post! ;w;

I drew Odin and a raven (although I’m not sure it’s obvious that the raven is whispering into Odin’s ear since my sister was convinced he was perched on a badly drawn tree, haha…), but then I felt like drawing a lady wearing vibrant clothes so I looked up some traditional outfits from West Africa. This lady is wearing a buba. c:

GHSILEGES thank you so much to everyone who has participated so far. Your work is all fabulous and I’m so glad that we did this together. We should do stuff like this more often. I promise I won’t do colour palette challenges all the time even though I really like them. XD;

edit: more pictures!

The other picture I drew is of Zeus because I thought there needed to be one with a yellow background somewhere… and purple and gold make me think of either angry Romans or Zeus. XD