porcupine tomato

plants for that halloween Aesthetic

Black Velvet Petunias

Bleeding Tooth Fungus 
it looks.. quite bad. that’s amazing

Voodoo Lily
the babe with the power

Corpse Flower
look at this classy lady. majestic and beautiful. enormous, taking up all the space in the world. smells atrocious does she care? no. she’s above it all. doesn’t give a fuk

looks nice

Red Spider Lily
objectively the coolest lily

Blue Lady Hellebore
that name is savage i love it

Ghost Plants
spooky and kind sad looking

Strangler Fig
premium haunted forest look tbh

Black Bat Flower

Porcupine Tomato
these vibes are metal af

Sea Anemone Fungus
eye of sauron 

Gyromitra esculenta


Artist Deb Stoner creates still lifes teeming with magnified flora and fauna. This beautiful photo features the colorful “porcupine tomato” (Solanum pyracanthos) with its fierce orange spikes.

“Photographing in this way has slowed me down, and caused me to think about the seasons, how things are impacted by the length of the day, the hours of sunlight, the size of the shadows from the trees. These experiences are exciting to me because they’re not things I’m learning from a book or the Internet or from someone else’s teaching: They’re simple observations that occur because I’m interacting with nature on the level of beauty and curiosity." 

—Deb discussing her work on #GettyInspired

“The porcupine tomato is an evergreen shrub native to tropical Madagascar and the islands of the western Indian Ocean. The plant contains various toxic tropane alkaloids in its leaves, stem and fruit and therefore should be considered dangerous to humans.”