Ella dijo que se iría y se llevaría todo lo que fuese de ella, y en efecto se fue, y se llevó todas sus cosas, todo lo que era suyo. Y no me llevo a mí.
Y yo era suyo.
—  • “La vuelta al mundo para abrazarte por la espalda” –J. Porcupine

Yay! I’m back. ;-p Love those few moments in the movie when Johnny didn’t wear his leather jacket. I just think it’s cute when he’s wearing his green sweater and how it shows of those amazing biceps. ;-p

Also, Ash would require many piggy-back rides from that sexy gorilla. Tee-hee. :-3 Johnny is more than happy to supply that demand. <3

P.S. I updated my Johnny x Ash fict, “Set Me Free”.


2nd in the series of paintings I’m doing, fleshing out skeletons I’ve articulated. The skeleton was done for my college and the paintings will be displayed with them. :)

This is an American Porcupine. This one was a juvenile, chewing on a bone for nutrients (which they do). I found the random bone too, can’t see here but it does have rodent chew marks. Since this one was so young the ribcage was kept together by the beetles used to clean it, as opposed to others I’ve done where I need to attach all of the ribs. Oh yeah and I defleshed it from a whole porcupine too. Like usual all of the joints, and toes are drilled and wired so it can stand up on it’s own. 

For the painting I used gouache paint and watercolor, 8″x11″. Yes I used a very teeny brush for all the hairs.