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I wanted to go and pick up mushrooms as well but when I heard about waking up at 6 am, I chickened out and used work as an excuse not to go. Nonetheless I took a photo of them. I think they’re super cute. 



So, because I have nothing better to do with my in-game currency, I decided to do some SCIENCE on the in-game food. (also Balmung’s MB is amazingly cheap compared to Adamantoise, damn.)

I bought one of each food that was sold for 2k or under and compared which eating animation it gets. Keep in mind this isn’t a list of EVERY food in the game. (like I could afford that…also a lot of seasonal stuff is super hard to get) The results were interesting, though.

Other things I learned:

-Did not know you could straight up eat fruits, though I did know you could eat the cheeses even though they’re technically just ingredients.

-When you eat an HQ dish, your character looks happy.

-I have no idea how anyone manages to take a vaguely dignified screenshot of their character eating

-This was probably not worth roughly 150k gil but it sure did satisfy my curiosity.

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Allll the boletes! Having fun trying to model these after actual boletes. Did you know some types bruise blue if you cut them up?

A few of these will be added to the shop on the 15th. Feeling excited for my shop update! Been a while.

Store: pocketmoss.ca

Instagram: instagram.com/pocketmoss

Pappardelle con scampi,porcini e panna.

Pasta fatta in casa

scampi anche decongelati

un piccolo fungo porcino

aglio,prezzemolo e peperoncino

panna fresca circa 200 ml

pomodorini san marzano

Ho cucinato gli scampi in padella con un pò di prezzemolo e una sfumata di vino bianco e sale.Non appena tutto è evaporato ho messo i pomodorini e dopo un pò 200 ml di panna fresca (non quella a lunga conservazione.) o fatto addensare la salsa un pò a mio piacimento. Li ho fatti raffreddare,li ho sbucciati poi ho passato al mixer la crema con la polpa di scampi.I funghi porcini li ho cotti a parti trifolati,ne bastano davvero poche fette. Una volta pronti li ho uniti alla salsa di scampi. Ho fatto la pasta,le pappardelle belle grandi,vanno bene anche dei mal tagliati ecc. Ho versato la pasta nella salsa,ho saltato in padella ed  ho spolverato con prezzemolo fresco e qualche scaglietta di parmigiano. Se vuoi puoi aggiungere del peperoncino. 

lost and found iii

bughead fanfiction - chapter three - link to other chapters below - unbeta’d

▱ ◯♕

“i’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, 
 but if every single one had to happen 
 to make sure I was right here, 
 right now, to meet you, 
 then I forgive myself for them all.” 
 —K. Towne Jr.

Jughead Jones has always been an observer.

To the town he lives in and the people in it, he was content with being the fly on the wall. Sure, he had small fame for a while over the popularity of his novel two years prior, but as predicted, it dwindled down with time until he was no more than ‘that one author’ who worked at the library.

But there was one thing Jughead observed perhaps more attentively than anything or anyone else—his ex-girlfriend, now roommate, Elizabeth Cooper.

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All Day - by Bridgette Irish (the Chef AU)

“I’ve got four halibut all day!” Lucy shouted to the poissonnier, who waved at her absently, but pulled two more halibut filets from the cooler around the corner .  “A bit less salt in the sauce this time please,” she threw at the saucier on her other side.  She checked her tickets and leaned over to her chef de partie.  “Fire two duck specials and a scallop app, on the fly.  The mayor’s here and I’m sure Cat would like to get him out of here before he grabs her ass again.”

“It’s true that I despise his red sausage fingers groping me, but frankly, it’s the lewd filthy come-ons that really set me over the edge.”  Cat entered her kitchen breezily and took a deep breath.  Steam rose from various points about the open area, each corner of her domain yielding a new scent or sound.  A garlicky tang from the sauce station, yielding a creamy velouté that complimented her duck like a dream, the char of the grill where the tuna and swordfish steaks were given barely a sear, the eggy sweetness of the almond custard.  Cat gave herself a moment to survey her brigade de cuisine.  The best french chefs in the city, poached carefully over the years from the chefs who had taught her the trade.  C’est Toi was the model of a modern French kitchen.  Carefully assigned duties, stations and specialties created a choreographed dance that made Cat’s heart flutter even now, ten years after she had launched.  

Her patissier was currently dropping berry compote into ramekins for baking and she could see the delicate souffle through the door of the convection oven.  She plucked a spoon from a cup in the corner of Winn’s table and dipped the tip into the compote to taste.  Berry and sugar burst across her tongue.  “Mm.  A touch more lemon, Winslow, otherwise, divine.”  Her pastry chef grinned triumphantly and pulled a lemon from a pan at his right hand.

Her entremetier was garnishing a flawless porcini risotto she had spent hours in her own kitchen at home perfecting.  She could hear it’s perfection in the way the wooden spoon dragged through the creamy rice.  She didn’t need to taste it to know it was right and she could smell the dark sweetness of the touch of saffron being added in that moment.

And at the center of it all was her tireless sous-chef.  The best aboyeur Cat had ever met.  She’d dug her out of a cramped trattoria in Little Italy, put her in proper chef whites and watched her blossom.  She needed little direction, replicated Cat’s work with razor precision and recently had been floating her own recipes to moderate success.

Cat was judicious with her praise, but Lucy didn’t need it.  She knew she was good and she ran Cat’s kitchen with a velvet-covered iron fist.  Cat’s chilly heart swelled with pride as her protégé tossed orders about the kitchen with practiced ease and a bit of hidden joy.

She pulled Lucy aside and threw a wary glance around the kitchen.  She didn’t want her news to upset the balance in her kitchen, which always teetered on a knife’s edge on a busy Saturday night.

“Heads up, Lane.  Lena Luthor’s here tonight.  Everything has to be perfect.  For some yet to be discovered reason, the entire city falls all over themselves to visit places she likes and God knows we could use the new business.”  Cat pulled a pen and notepad from her shoulder sleeve and began making notes.  “You and I are going to cook for the table.  I don’t want anyone else’s hands on it.  James is already working on wine pairings.  She asked for the full tasting menu, of course.”

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Live tweets from Ishida and Nemu’s first date

Requested by Anon :)

Let’s say that Ishida and Nemu have gone on their first date, and various Bleach characters have decided to spy on them. Just what is the new couple up to? Well, let’s find out!

1. Kurotsuchi

“Nemu has gone on her first date with that Quincy boy. I’m going to spy on them and see what they’re up to.”

#rebellious daughter already? #or is she stupid? #thank god for surveillance cameras in Living World

2. Akon

“First stop is at Ishida Uryuu’s house? Things are moving pretty fast here!”

#Squad 12 #the most perverted squad ever?

3. Akon

“Never mind, Ishida made her a dress for the date. And he even made a coordinating outfit for himself.”

#dress is white with red roses and lace #boy has fashion sense #kind of extra too #seems like a fancy date #restaurant maybe?

4. Akon

“Called it. Their first date is at an Italian restaurant.”

#boy really is extra #the place has opera playing from the speakers

4. Ichigo

“WTF. Went out hunting for Hollows, saw Ishida and Kurotsuchi’s daughter go into that new Italian restaurant that just opened up last week.”

#first date #gotta check this out

5. Ichigo

“Yep, it’s a date. Good thing no one can see me right now!”

#this gonna be good #must see this

6. Ichigo

“WTF, Ishida can speak Italian now?!”

#how many languages does he know?! #or is he just reading the menu?

7. Ichigo

“Can’t stop laughing. Nice seeing Ishida being a total doof right now.”

#he kissed Nemu’s hand #and blushed and stammered after #trying to impress Nemu? #he’s not so annoying after all! #only thing that can make this more romantic is if he recited a Shakespeare sonnet from memory

8. Ichigo

“Ah shit, I think they heard me.”

#gotta run #too bad I didn’t see them get their food #hoping they’d eat spaghetti ‘Lady and the Tramp’ style

9. Ichigo

“@ the-last-quincy: Yes, that is a thing! How can you not know about it?!”

#and you call me ‘uncultured’

10. Ryuken

“I cannot believe this. I thought I’d eat dinner at this Italian restaurant during my break and what do I see? My son and the daughter of his grandfather’s murderer having dinner here at the same time.”

#is this a joke? #my son truly does make bad choices 

11. Ryuken

“But at least he is treating the girl well and acting like a proper gentleman.”

#he doesn’t disappoint in those regards #seems like he knows how to properly woo a woman 

12. Ryuken

“Looks like they’re sharing a dinner together.”

#starters: tomato bruschetta #main course: porcini risotto #he is serving her some food as I type this

13. Ryuken

“Perhaps I was mistaken. The girl seems to be sweet. I suppose meeting her wouldn’t be such a bad idea.”

#she reminds me a little bit of Kanae #she seems to be happy with Uryuu #maybe a dinner with them would be nice

14. Ryuken

“@ mad-scientist-12: No, I am not interested in having dinner with you at all.”

#you murdered my father #I have limits

15. Ryuken

“Looks like dinner is finished.”

#Uryuu is paying the bill #I should eat my own dinner now #should get back to the hospital soon

16. Orihime

“Oh my gosh. You’ll never guess who came into the bakery! Nothing exciting has ever happened during my shift until now!”

#Ishida-kun and Nemu-san! #a date? #Nemu-san’s dress is so cute!

17. Orihime

“Yes, it’s totally a date! Looks like they came here for dessert!”

#I’ll make some personal recommendations! #also I gotta ask: did Ishida-kun make Nemu-san’s dress?

18. Orihime

“I was right, Ishida-kun handmade Nemu-san’s dress! No wonder it’s so cute! He really does make good clothes!”

#their dessert order: a small plate of assorted macarons #vanilla #chocolate #raspberry #passion fruit #lemon #rose #you can never go wrong with macarons!

19. Orihime

“Nemu-san asked me to take a picture of her and Ishida-kun! She says she wants to show these to the Shinigami Women’s Association.”

#saw pics of food from the Italian restaurant as well #Ishida-kun took her there? #she must’ve loved it!

20. Orihime

“Nemu-san loves those macarons! She even asked me for a small box of assorted macarons to take back to Soul Society!”

#I was right! #can’t go wrong with macarons! #also got the biggest tip ever! #please come again!

21. Akon

“Looks like their date has finished. Ishida Uryuu is taking Nemu back to his house.”

#all in all #a successful date

22. Akon

“Oh. Ishida just kissed Nemu.”

#well #their foreheads bumped a little #they giggled and tried again #kinda sweet actually

23. Akon

“Dammit, something just exploded.”

#never mind #the captain is in a dismemberment mood now #he’s gone into a rage #I guess watching his daughter kiss a Quincy was too much for him

24. Akon

“@ Squad_12: everyone is free to go home for the night. For your own safety, just go home and don’t make eye contact with the captain.”

#emergency squad announcement #Captain Kurotsuchi raging #not a pretty sight

25. Nemu

“@ the-last-quincy: Thank you for the date. I had a wonderful time, and I hope we can do this again.”

#first date #the Living World isn’t so bad #I think I’m in love