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David Friedman called the Free State Project a “privately produced public good” during his pro bono appearance at PorcFest X.


Red Pill Recording

Check it out! Over 30 Porcfest X videos have already been released by Red Pill Recording.

Which ones are your favorites? 

  • NH State Politics - Panel
  • The Job Market in NH - Panel
  • Where To Live When You Move - Panel 
  • Jury Nullification Panel 
  • Tatiana Moroz & Jordan Page Thursday concert encore
  • Yuri Maltsev - Defect to New Hampshire
  • Jordan Page Saturday Concert 
  • Bitcoin: Subvert Your Government - Panel 
  • Antonio Buehler - Higher Education Alternatives for Homeschoolers
  • Larken Rose - A Chat with Sociopaths
  • John Bush - Peaceful Parenting
  • John Durant - An Evolutionary Perspective on Health
  • Larken Rose - Why Speak of Violence?
  • Bitcoin’s Future - Panel
  • Yury Polozov - The Rise & Fall of the European Free State of Georgia
  • Richard Cheatham - Meet John Rolfe: America’s First Great Entrepreneur
  • Eroding the Police State - Pete Eyre, Antonio Buehler, Jacob Crawford, Ademo Freeman
  • Getting From Here to There: One Mind at a Time - Pete Eyre & John Bush
  • Ben Stone - Discovering & Defeating Statist Thinking
  • Ben Stone - Central Planning vs. Spontaneous Order
  • Perry Metzger - Beyond the Singularity
  • Remembering Rothbard
  • Carol Gardner - Hiking in New Hampshire
  • Richard Cheatham - Persuasively Communicating the Value of Liberty
  • Steven J Howard - Law in the Agora: Conflict Resolution in a Free Market
  • Mark Edge - Quakers: Proto-Libertarians
  • Robert Anthony Peters - Our Town, Our Liberty
  • Amanda Billyrock - Cab Drivers Say the Darnedest Things
  • Chris Cantwell - Saturday SoapBox rant
  • Jillian Anderson - Hula Hoop Master
  • PorcFest X Karaoke by Derrick J.

A drone used for good. Some beautiful FPV shots of Lancaster, NH.