porcellino d' india

I always found fascinating how guinea pigs in different languages have names that have totally different translations.

English:“Guinea pig” which roughly means “pig from Guinea”

Italian: we say “porcellino d'India” which translates to “little/small pig from India”

Spanish (Spain): it’s “conejillo de Indias” which roughly translates to “little rabbit from Indias”

German: it’s “Meerschweinchen” which roughly translates to “little pig of the sea”

I find it funny that in English it’s from Guinea (area in Africa) when it’s actually from the Andes, which are mountains so the German name makes no sense at this point.

For Italian and Spanish they might be “from India” because Columbus thought Latin America was India and they were called the Indias, which would make sense

Submitted by @elisa-studies